Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Ignore this if you hate people complaining 
It is always best to avoid angry people

You know how to find my rantings...
*just highlight the empty space down here*

Is there people in this world has no common sense at all?
Damn it
Do things only change after being told?

Need a rubber slipper for bathroom use when I injured my foot
I placed so damn at the side of the door of the bathroom
Not even blocking the way
Do you have to move it to the living room?
Look at that pail of you in the middle of the bathroom entrance

I'm only using the slow level of fan to dry my clothes
The switched was then off after 5 minutes
Save electricity?
Okay, I accept that
Then what's with the every morning so bright go on the lights in the room?
Leave the bathroom light on every evening 

I have zero shower items inside the bathroom because all space were taken

Was told via note that I was suppose to pick up those hairs stucked in the bathroom
I'm doing it everyday
Yeah, even for you guys though




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