Monday, 14 March 2011

Bareno Run 2011

I'm not someone with good stamina
I never join long distance run before in school
I never be serious in cross country last time

After days of considering to join or not since November
After months of jogging either serious training or not
Last training was one week ago
Only clocked myself twice for 5km
No experience on what should I do before and during the race

Had been asking myself
Should I bring a bottle to run?
Should I bring towel?
Buy new sports shoes?
What pants should I wear?
What should I eat one day before?
What should I have for breakfast?

This is my first time running long distance early in the morning
Very nervous and having uncertainty about my stamina the night before the run
Finally, the day has come!

Bareno Run 2011
The first ever run that I dare myself to join even without proper training

Went to Stadium Bukit Jalil with Qi Tyng to collect our vest and bib number one day before the run

Qi Tyng and my bib number!
She called it the human paper plate number
It was funny when they gave us a free piece of Salonpas after we confirmed our registration
We joked that we need that Salonpas when we had cramp during the run

Run day!

Woke up at 5am to prepare ourselves and had breakfast
We were so jakun when we reached there and not sure what should we do
We just follow those people that wore the blue bib number starting with 'K' (female 5km category)

Initially we heard the announcement for the 10km participants to get ready at the starting line
Qi Tyng and I still taking our own sweet time 
After awhile, we see the 5km participants started to run
We were like, "Are you sure we are in the right group?"
No more announcement and people start running, then only we followed 
So blur!

We started at 6.40am

Along the way we had to gone through 1 checkpoint and 1 water station
Speaking about the water station, those people just simply threw the plastic cup everywhere along the road
Even after 100 metres, there were still trail of plastic cups!
Some where in the middle of the track that I had to jump over while running

I reached the finishing line at 7.25am, taking 45 minutes to finish 5km
So far, this was my best time!
Surprisingly I crossed the line as the 155th person for my category and they gave me a finisher medal
If I'm not mistaken, the finisher medal is available for top 200 for my category
All of us get the certificate!

The atmosphere was very good and lots of people
The finishing line beside the lake was just so cool
I gone through the list of participants, around 4000 ++, near 5000 participants for 3 categories
5km, 10km and 21km
The guys wore neon green vest and the red vest for the girls

Thanks God for the superb weather, it was cooling!
After the race, there were free mineral water by Spritzer and 100 Plus with Gardenia Red Bean bun 
Besides, they were food and drinks booth providing watermelon and taufu fa
I saw a cendol van somewhere at the side too

Met my course mates that join the run too!
The big picture (from left): Kak Aishah & Izat (10km), Kee Tat (21km), yours truly and Izat's sister, Wafa (5km)
All of us got the finisher medals

I called this satisfaction!
I'm happy but still need to train more

All thanks to:

Event Organizer: Taman Bukit Jalil Running Club
Main Sponsor: new balance (our vest)
Co Sponsor: Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (PASS)
Menthol by Salonpas
Official Mineral Water by Spritzer
Isotonic drinks by 100 Plus & Milo
Official Gels by SiS
Technical assistant by FT AAA
Official Online Registration Partner : The Marathon Shop
Official Rolls by Gardenia
Communicate People by SLW, ASOGO & TJB

Next run : Standard Chartered KL Run 2011 (26th June 2011)



Hilda Milda™ said...

I think I wont be joining any run in my entire life, not really a person into sport. But I need to force myself to at least jog three times per day ):

Anyway, congrats on the medal and finishing the run in 45 mins! :D

TikkoSS said...

someone trying to stay stay healthy huh? gosh.. i think it is time for me to get slim too..!

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Well done! =D

Isaac Tan said...

Wahhh not bad wor Qi Wen! Got medal some more. You're 100 times more healthy than Isaac. LOL

Kian Fai said...

Good job k? =) Me Feel like run too XD

Xu Vin said...


Pelari Tasek said...

The medal is a little awkward though, it has somewhat pipe shape on it. Ruins the aesthetic value... :( But it is better than no medal at all.

kilauan intan said...

better late than did a great job as a start.

kilauan intan said...

i think you did a great job to start with.. they say it's better late than never


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