Friday, 25 March 2011

Yuans Garden, Segamat

Whenever I'm home, I will pick a few days to go out to have breakfast with the Queen of my heart
Well, no Starbucks, no IHOP etc.
But well, at least there is Secret Recipe in Segamat!

Our usual breakfast place is Yuans Garden
It serves mostly classic Malaysia food, more to Chinese dishes
Such as, nasi lemak, mee siam, toast, porridge, toast, noodle, chee cheong fun etc

Yuans Garden

Here's the menu:

Om Nom Nom time!

Coffee C (Hot)
RM 1.60

Coffe C (Cold)
RM 1.80

The coffee and three-layered tea are my favorite of all
The taste is very typical & classic
Not to sweet with strong coffee aroma

 Hong Kong Fish Soup Noodle
RM 4.00
What's special is the soup which is mixed with creamer

 My all-time favorite
Curry Chicken Chee Cheong Fan
RM 3.90

The warm not-so-hot curry sauce with chicken & crispy fried onions
Eat with the curry chee cheong fan 

Chee Cheong Fan
RM 1.70

This is the most original chee cheong fan with the sweet sauce with sambal, topped with sesame seed

Other than that, they did sell some traditional kuih

Calling the yam cake lovers!
RM 0.90 per piece

Ku kueh filled with green tea paste
RM 0.90 per piece
Love this!

My top favorite again
RM 0.90 per piece

Fresh crunchy sweet peanuts wrapped in pandan-flavored glutinous skin
I love the pandan taste and it smells really good

My date for the breakfast



Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Very Malaysian style of food and drink ! I like i like ! all the food so yummy ! hehe =D

Wanyin said...

*salivates. Your post make me hungry ! :D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Chee cheong fan! T_T Both of you eat quite a lot also heh

crazywrazy said...

nice food!! my gf also lives in segamat, I will try it soon! thanks for the recommendation. Next time take your photos with sun light on the food, in that case you don't have to increase ISO or use flash. That will be more natural I think

jfook said...

Two of you makan only? That's a lot lol

Isaac Tan said...

curry chicken chee cheong fun.. Heavenly!.. Hehehe. XD


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