Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mars Need Moms 3D screening

Big fat THANK YOU to Nuffnang for the tickets to exclusive 3D premiere screening of Mars Needs Moms in Cathay Cineleisure, e@Curve, 9th March, 9.30pm!!!

Excited get to watch 1 day earlier before it was out in cinema!

Why I think my Mom is the best in the world?

This is what I commented for this contest:
"My mom is the best in the world because I never fail to get a chance to listen to her voice everyday even though I’m away from home. When I am home during the break, she must had clean my room, change my bed and pillow sheet, every clothes nicely hang in the ward robe and she even clean my soft toys one by one in my room. I only get to see her less than half of 365 days in a year but she is the one that I always had in my heart. Mommy, wo ai ni (I Love You)…"

When there is movie screening with the bloggers, there is definitely..
Great gathering!
Great chat!
Good food!
More pictures!

Our choice for dinner and blogger meet up is Vivo American Pizza & Panini
This place was picked by Jayren

Left to right (above): Smoked Chicken BBQ, Hawaiian Pizza, Pepperoni pizza (claimed to be the BEST by Isaac and Elwyn)
Left to right (below): Bed of Mushrooms (Carmen & I love it!), Chicken Lasagna (claimed to be quite bland & tasteless by Qi Tyng & Andrew), our drinks!

Most blessed sin ever!
Volcanic Chocolate with Ice Cream
Carmen ordered this and I shared with her
We made everyone had a scoop of this

Look at the picture of the right, the chocolate is like the lava of the volcano!
Love this max max!

(Pictures courtesy of Carmen & Jayren)
The early people in Vivo!

(Picture courtesy of Henry Tan)
Left to right:
Top row: Qi Tyng, yours truly, Chloe, Jessy
Middle row: Carmen, Jun Fook, Wennie a.k.a Wen Pink, Shereen
Bottom row: Isaac, Elwyn, Tikkoss, Jayren, Andrew, Shii Teck, Suresh

Off to collect our tickets around 8.30pm, no kiasu-nism here this time as we reserved for later because it is free seating

The tickets and ticket collection counters with Nuffnang & Churp Churp badges
I gave my tickets to my cousin, Qi Tyng and her boyfie Andrew
The 2 tickets were Jayren's and mine

(Pictures courtesy of Carmen & Jayren)
Take 1! 
Not enough!
Take 2, 3, 4, 5!

We met Li Chuen and her friends during ticket collection.
After that, Henry Lee joined in.
Met Glam and Iris in the cinema.
Met Wilee after the movie when we were claiming our phones

(Pictures courtesy of myself and Carmen)
As promised, the Emo Group want to take pictures together
The numbering is the sequence of members in the group
Too bad, the President of Emo Group, Tikkoss wasn't there when we took the pictures

Something different when going to watch Disney movie screening
They make me so confused, either I was treated like a terrorist or I'm someone traced my terrorist
Know why?
They confiscated our phones and cameras, we feel so lifeless for the next 2 hours
They scan us before walking into the cinema hall
But, during the movie, they walked up and down along the aisle watching us, feel like being protected for free for 1 and half hours! 

Those people are in super smart formal wear some more!

(Picture on the right courtesy of Isaac)
This is how the phone was kept in the counter (I re-wrapped it and take picture to show you guys how it was done)
The handphone deposit counter with man and lady in black

All thanks to Isaac and Elwyn for having the passion of kiasu-nism to be the first two person that got into the hall and reserved 2 rows of seat, blocking the entrance some more!
Thank you and love you guys max max!

Thanks to Tikkoss for passing the popcorn from one end to the other end

Mars Needs Moms!

Gribble and Milo

I love her doing the colorful paint and how she speak English
"Right on!"
"You can change colour!"

Every movie need villain, she is the one - the supervisor

Love this moment!

I don't really do movie review but I can say this movie is like any other Disney movies. I like the humour!
I guess the graphic is not bad but the 3D glasses make it look so bad!

Speaking about 3D glasses
The design of the 3D glasses is super cool, we even play with it before the movie.
When the movie started, everyone is so excited to put it on!
I started to wonder, why so blur, dark and dull one?
I thought it was my eye sight problem (if you know me really well, you will know I have super bad eye sight)
I pushed the glasses nearer to get a better view and even strain my eyes
The image still dark and blur, the after effects - I'm sleepy!

Then only I know everyone actually feels the same
It looks better when take off the glasses!
I can say, just watch 2D!!!!!!!

Oh ya, I love the credits when they showed how the film this movie!
So funny!

This is the last screening that I'm going to attend for the next 3 to 4 months
Gonna miss pre-movie dinner, camwhoring and watching the screening with you guys!!!!!!



Jayren Hann Yaw said...

Nice post ! =D And yes , 2D better ! =D

Jessy said...

Why last screening!???

Isaac Tan said...

nice posting eli! love it max max too. Wahahaha, like the way you say MAX MAX!!!

Like Jessy said, why last screening?? Aren't you joining us for more soon??

Catherine Ang said...

never try 2D before yet :D must try already.. lalala.. is time for movie :D


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