Sunday, 27 March 2011

Childhood memory

To be happy is simple when we are young
Simple is happiness when we grow up

I may not confirm to say everyone has a great childhood
But I thank God for the great timeline I had before I am who I am right now
Family has been my pillar of strength and love 
My brother and cousins have been my companion

Some self-proclaimed cuteness overload pictures coming up!
All pictures are credited to my cousin, Qi Tyng

Guess who are they?
Left is yours truly, right is Qi Tyng
Err... How old are we that time?

 Leong girls power!
All the PINK rangers (Power Ranger was like super awesome that time whey)
Left to right:
Qi Ying, Qi Tyng, Qi Ern, our youngest aunt & her daughter, Su-Lynn and yours truly

Yours truly and Qi Tyng's reaction on sparkles during Chinese New Year




HenRy LeE ® said...

why all girls wan? where's the boys? haha... eli u so cute! :D

xing said...

wah all girls! i bet ur house walls are painted pink and ur dad can't say anything about it. haha!

Hilda Milda™ said...

You're tall compared to the others (; and I like the first pic! :D

crazywrazy said...

@henry: go get yourself a dozen of angels when u marry nx time :)
@xing: I also wanna colour my daughter's room pink :)
@hilda: let's go on a poot poot ceh ride :P
@qiwen: classic photos meant for legendary blog post!


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