Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blog Action Day 2011 - I cook my own dinner

When you're away from home, the comfort zone
When you're not earning
When you're using money from loan & it needs to be return some day
When life is busy

All we wish for is food that can keep us going 

From that situation above, not everyday we're able to indulge ourselves with great food
But, with that, I appreciate every single meal I had

Sometimes, we tend to neglect the appreciation of having food
To overcome this, I cook my own meal once awhile
When I cook, I will always remind myself to finish it up

Though Malaysia has lots of local food that is so yummy, an endless list
I'm going to show a dish I could indulge myself without spending a lot
For sure, time will be spent in order to cook this dish but I see it as a time to de-stress myself from the hectic routine I had

I cook this tom yam noodle once in a while for dinner

Half of noodle: RM 0.46
Vegetables: RM 0.60 (RM 1.80 per packet, divide into 3 servings)
Egg: RM 0.42
Enoki mushrooms: RM 0.33 (RM0.99 per packet, divide into 3 servings)
Onions: RM 0.10
Tom Yam paste: RM 0.55 (RM 1.10 per packet for 2 servings)

TOTAL: RM 2.50 (after rounding up)

Cooking skill increased, de-stress successful, save up $$

Be grateful with the food we have and do not waste food yo!

This is written in conjunction of Blog Action Day 2011 today 
Food is the theme :)



Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

that's why i have dbkl.


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