Monday, 3 October 2011

Pearl International Hotel: Sunday Japanese Buffet Brunch

Bought a deal in I Love Discount where I can enjoy this Japanese Buffet Brunch for only RM37.80, compared to the normal Adult price of RM55++ in Pearl International Hotel. The deal can be used from 11 September until November. Since I won't be around KL this coming Sunday, we had it last Sunday :)

Psst, I apologize for poor pictures in this post and I missed out a lot of food in here. Too busy eating and this place is kinda crowded

I was really excited since the night before this brunch, never actually have much chances to experience buffet in my life due to my small tummy that could not stretch any further

#1 Served with Japanese Green Tea once we were seated

#2 It's Japanese buffet, chopsticks are provided
Not sure how to use?
Check out the next picture :)

#3 Fret not, there are instructions behind it
Cute, right?

The first food I saw was Japanese fried rice, then beef rendang, chicken rendang. Not very interested in those because it is not worth the theme and money

Then turn the corner of food, I saw rows of those container that pau seller use to heat the pau while selling. It strikes me for a moment whether I'm having Japanese buffet or Oriental Chinese buffet. They are chawanmushi and really pau in there! Not interested at the moment, turn to another section

And this is what I found!
*Yum yum*

#4 Ta-daah!
My all-time favorite
Hold my plate tight and take as much as I can :D
This is where I revealed my kiasu-ness

#5 Appetizer and salad!
I love the presentation of the food
There are rows of finger food available 

#6 The first plate that reached the table by Andrew
Everyone thought that were tempura, but it was like fried vege only 
Saw the 2 super charcoal black sushi there, they are black caviar sushi!
I had my first one in my lifetime - Superb

#7 Andrew took a plate and I took a plate, turn out quite a lot!
The mussels are really good, I lost count how much I ate
After that, I felt that I can't swallow anymore mussels

While for the raw oyster, I had the first one without the lemon
Totally forget about it =.=
The aftermath - I'm not taking the second one because it is too raw for me
Found it a bit geli after that

#8 The seasoned baby octopus (chuka idako, my fav too :)
Fresh and sweet, love how it topped with sesame

#9 Sashimi
Salmon (鮭 Sake) & tuna (まぐろ Maguro)
I prefer salmon sashimi, it was way nicer! 

#10 More sashimi!!!
This time are squid (いか Ika) and octopus (たこ Tako)
Both of these I'm all right with it as well, squid and octopus have always been favorite
But this is the first time I had so much sashimi at one go
This is worth the money! :D

#11 Tried the combination of Soba and Miso soup

There are 2 pots of soup beside the soba
Qi Tyng and I aren't very sure which is which, we only know one of them was Miso soup
No tag for the other pot of soup
So, we made a decision to try soba and miso soup at the same time, so that our tummy are fit to try other stuff later
After that, I saw another lady scooping the soup from the other pot
Then only I realized that was the original soup for Soba

#12 More and more sushi!
Lazy to rearrange them for photography session because I'm busy eating my own food

#13 Chawanmushi
I prefer the mushroom here than those I had before in other Japanese restaurant
Way to the bottom, there is one prawn, which is larger than what I had before
Just a passerby dish, wallop this small cup fast and head to other food

#14 I am not sure what is this, we called it the Japanese Steamboat
We picked the ingredients we want, the chef will cook for us with Miso Soup
Not worth, just to try out everything there
Mostly are frozen ingredients, nothing special

 #15 Not sure how Japanese this dessert us, I mean the mini tart
The mini tart is one of the best dessert I have tasted there
Fruits on top, with cream in the middle, chocolate is at the bottom 
The mochi are just normal for me
With red bean, kaya and black sesame fillings
Nothing very special about this

#16 Near to the end only we had potato salad
I had my first one when I was in matrikulasi and after that I seldom have this dish
Glad that they didn't mix too much mayonnaise with the potato
This amount of mayonnaise is just nice, love it!
Very refreshing and appetizing :)

#17 Stacks of dessert!
Cream puff, cakes, pudding

#18 Here come the second plate of dessert with more mochi and cakes
The cakes are so-so only, not very special
Not very Japanese though

#19 The colorful pau!
I had the pink one, it was red bean paste inside
Not a fan of red bean, it was just okay for me

It is still not too late to head yourself there, make sure to make a reservation first
Every Sunday from 12pm to 5pm

Pearl International Hotel
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-7983 1111

We had 2 games of bowling after this buffet to burn off some calories :P



bendan said...

Drooling!! I want sashimi..... please please please!! It's a good deal ehh btw... ^^

Nikel Khor said...

This one look good yo..

Isaac Tan said...

om nom nom i want some of that

Xue Ren said...

i heart mochi!!! =D


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