Sunday, 16 October 2011

FreshKon Alluring Eyes

Come to speak about contact lens, it is no stranger to me. It took me 40 minutes struggling to put on my very first contact lens back when I was in Form 4. Yes, 40 minutes! I never like to stuck something into my eyes. But, I want try that so badly, you know why.

Besides colorless contact lens, I had tried a few more color contact lens before due to recommendations from friends. By the way, how many have heard of FreshKon? Any hands up?

FreshKon Alluring Eyes does not only provide contact lens with different colors, they assure to give the best that solves most of the problems faced by contact lens cosumers

They have now 4 shades to choose from:
Winsome brown, mystical black, mesmeric black & magnetic grey

These 4 colors might not be attractive for those who wants more daring colors. But, with natural shades, you can wear it everywhere in every occasions that it will never go wrong. 

In every girl, FreshKon aims to bring up the ABC personality
A: Attractive
B: Beautiful
C: Confident

Very clear written on the box, it is sure to give bigger and brighter eyes!

No choice, every time I got myself contact lens, I need 2 boxes!
My left and right eyes just don't make friends with each other, that is why I had 2 very different power in each of my eye. It should be -5.75 for my righty because I forgot my own power. See that -7.00, that's my really naughty left eye, that I can barely see a thing if it wasn't corrected >.<

Here's 1 more thing about FreshKon Alluring Eyes which really understand eyes like me:
They have range of power from powerless up to -10.00!
I have an experience last time that the sales assistant in an optical shop looked so surprised when I told her I was looking for contact lens with the power of -7.00. It took her some times to let me know that they did not have ready stock for me, where I have to pre-ordered it from their factory.

I guess I face no problem now with the wide range of FreshKon Alluring Eyes
*All smiles*

Let's unbox!

The packaging from the top and bottom

Me love the Winsome Brown so much, which is typically something a lil different from the other 3 shades

Before I proceed, I hope my phone camera is sufficient to provide the outcomes after putting on the contact lens. I apologize for the really bad quality.

It is pretty easy to guess FreshKon Winsome Brown is resting in which eye here!

No lies, it has full circle print that gives bigger & brighter eyes.
I used to have color block problem whenever I wear color contact lens. I didn't see myself struggling with this problem now because FreshKon has larger optical zone for clearer vision

With 55% of water content, it provides more comfort to the eyes and I can wear them up to 8 hours!

Here's a clip on FreshKon Alluring Eyes contact lens:

Besides getting to have bigger & brighter eyes, FreshKon is now looking for a model! Ever wanted to become a model? And here's the chance for you:

Hurry up, put on FreshKon Alluring Eyes & take the best photo of you and you will be running to become the model that FreshKon is looking for :)

To find out more about the Model Search, visit FreshKon Malaysia Facebook page and LIKE them to join the contest!

Many thanks to FreshKon Alluring Eyes, I heart the alluring effects max max :)



Hilda Milda™ said...

Wah, you untung lo, got 2 pairs of contant lens! :D


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