Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Veet 'My Real Secret' College Programme Roadshow

Date: 3rd October 2011
Venue: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Here comes Veet Roadshow in UKM main campus, Bangi to spread and educate every girl here on how to have sexy and smooth legs!

It started with a brief consultation regarding hair removal using cream. After the consultation, everyone that had registered are entitled to join the lucky draw!

At the start of the day

People pouring in to register themselves for the roadshow before heading for the lucky draw!

Who is lucky that day?

The prize for the lucky draw is a box Veet products, not bad huh!

Besides that, Veet products were sold here as well and for any product purchased, they are entitled to have a FREE photoshoot with the Veet backdrop that will be printed out on the spot! FREE :)

Good thing doesn't end here, RM5 discount voucher was given out so that Veet products can be purchased at a cheaper price in participating Watson outlets nationwide. Come in for free and you can take away Veet products for RM5 cheaper. Worth huh?

For those who have used razor, this is the time to do good for the mother Earth. A bin was provided to collect the used razor and for each razor tossed in, one free Veet hair removal cream was given for FREE. 

Fret not for those who had missed the earlier consultation, there is Wall of Hair Removal 101 that can guide you through all the knowledge with Veet promoter. After that, off to lucky draw!

Grab yourself a Veet products now and see the difference after using them!




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