Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hui Fang's convocation

This was way back to 23rd September, where this event I wouldn't want to miss out to place it in my blog for remembrance. It feels like just a blink of an eye, we just had a gathering dinner with Yu Jun for his graduation last year.

This year, it is my grand buddy's graduation!
(Finally, the hard-earned title of Doctor)

If you aren't very sure what does grand buddy really stands for, there is this system in my uni called "Buddy System". Every time when you're promoted to Year 2 as senior, you're able to pick 1 junior which had just entered Year 1 as your buddy. This system were created initially to guide the freshmen when they first enter uni and the course. Years to years, the chain of choosing your own buddy goes on, it forms a line of buddy from Year 1 to Year 5 until graduation

It is okay if this is confusing, I'm pretty bad at explaining

Hui Fang (my grand buddy) & myself in front of the hall of KTSN
When I first enter Year 1, she was in Year 3. Time flies.

The number posed by each of us shows the sequence of our Buddy Line
Left to right:
Boon Chin (Year 5), Eddy (Year 3), Hui Fang (Houseman), myself (Year 4), Joanne (Year 2), Wan Ngor, our new little buddy! (Year 1)

After the event, we decided to have a dinner together because it takes all of us to have this gathering once a year (which we called it "annual" meeting)

We left KTSN which is located in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa around 6pm and we were stucked in a terrible jam on our way to Cheras. We spent 2 hours + in the car. We reached Cheras Leisure Mall with super flat tummy at 8pm. We had dinner without Hui Fang in Boston as she had a gathering in MV with her friends. But she promised to meet us up around 10pm.

We finally meet up with Hui Fang & we settled down in Gilly cafe

In Gilly cafe, having a private cubicle on our own with rounds of Jenga 

After breaking the ice for the little buddy...

Tests on hand stability and concentration:

Boon Chin always go for the tough piece

I'm always going for the safe one or sometimes the one that will give the next player a really hard time

Joanne in full concentration

We left the place around 1am and Hui Fang paid for our drinks!
Really grateful to her, she stayed up late for us when she had her real convocation in UKM main campus the next morning!

During our sharing with each other, her graduation did give a push for us to keep moving on until our very own graduation day

All pictures courtesy of Hui Fang



Elwyn~! said...

i used to go to gilly's cafe like 6 or 7 years ago. food then was very nice and good. now its just crap. based on my last visit there last year.

Henry Tan said...

wow quite special with the red color one! =D

Hilda Milda™ said...

Congrats to your grand buddy (:


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