Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Yada yada

I want to get it all over as soon as possible
But to get rid of these, it needs a lot of sacrifice & courage
My confidence, less than half

It has been easy to see 1/3 of my batch in the posting had done with theirs
But the stories behind were untold

Had been very irresponsible and draggy for the past few days
After knowing my short case will be held only on Thursday
Now it is my turn
The name on top of the list tomorrow
Exactly the first one for the day

The hard-swallowed cocktail of feelings is back
14 months ago, I was shaken for not knowing how short case was done in Internal Medicine
Now, I am shaken because I can imagine the exact situation
Pros, this is no longer the first clinical exam 
Cons, they are kids / newborns! (a plus plus in difficulty level)

Can I choose some courses that have no practical exams and those that I can just laze around the lecture hall? *stupid question*

The exam session will only take 20 minutes of my life, what's the big deal
*after telling self, calmed for a second, the chill is back after that*
(geez, it is about the time of one short drama series, that's long)

A reminder to self - I have come so far in this journey, look at the steps left in front. It is much shorter than those steps that I have gone through. Believe in what I have got

Yada yada...
Another sleepless night + with the sore throat

*Hope I didn't run around my room with a kettle and pillow*



jfook said...

All the best. =)

Hilda Milda™ said...

All the best qiwen! Yes, you can :D

Isaac Tan said...

you will make it Qi Wen! I know it! :)

Kian Fai said...

all the best . . . oh wait how was it? 5days after liao XD

toninkush said...

Go show 'em who's daddy, doc =)

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Vin Tsen Gan said...

All the best aite!

p.s. Studying law will not require practical exams. #justsayin #teehee


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