Thursday, 16 September 2010

Open house Tg Karang

At last I have something to blog about after having my own holidays in Tanjong Karang due to most of the officers in District Health Officer on holidays.

My very first time open house, held by Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani Tg Karang, Datuk Seri Noh bin Haji Omar
Millions thanks to fill my boring day to an eventful one for an hour plus

Fried kuey teow
The quality of the food was still well maintained even though most were cooked rushing

Nasi minyak kampong
The buttery taste blend in the rice was awesome
Nice one!

Not very favourite, but it is well cooked

Satay, the most famous stall in the open house
Need to queue for some times, only grab 2 sticks
Plus with the peanut sauce, this is the blockbuster of the day!
Malaysians' favourite food

Bubur, not very attractive for me
Did not try it

Tosai & vadai
Noticed this stall quite late, plus no more stock and the person still cooking
But it smells good

Nasi impit or so called the rice from ketupat
My stomach couldn't fill in anymore
So, I didn't try this as well

Sue Ann's lemang with kerisik (I hope this is what it was called)

Roti canai!!
The way of making roti canai at this stall looks not appealing to me
But there are still other roti canai stalls, not much people waiting in front of these stalls

Fried banana a.k.a pisang goreng
Fresh from the wok, still burning HOT!
Very sweet and crunchy

Wow, why so many people lining up?
Keep scrolling down!

We queued with the people as well
The happy face...

A bag of kuih bahulu & duit raya!

Happy Malaysia Day, Malaysians!




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