Sunday, 5 September 2010

My review : The Mysteries of Love

I had just recently finished this drama series and I have my own point of view about this series and the castings. 

Before that, in this series, The Mysteries of Love (談情說案), here are the list of casts :

Main casts:
Raymond Lam as Professor Kingsley King Pok (景博)
Tavia Yeung as Chiu Siu Lai a.k.a Sai Lei Mui (徐小麗)
Kenneth Ma as Gordon Lo Tin Hang (盧天恆)
Bernice Liu as Nickole Ling Man Ka (凌敏嘉)

Others supporting casts :
Lawrence Ng Lok Wang (the cute younger Moses Chan in Beyond the Realm of Conscience)

Guest starring :

I would only give this series 3 stars out of 5, where more credits go to Tavia's good acting skill and the screen time between Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu. I am very disappointed with Raymond Lam's character in here. The relationship scene between Raymond and Tavia is very bland. I don't see chemistry and intimacy between the both of them until the final episodes. However, the spice in between Kenneth and Bernice was totally hot. The annoying part is only when she found his mistake and left, then she will forgive him again and again. Perhaps this is why this series is called "mysteries" of love.

Other than the relationship part, the cases solved with the help of Raymond using Science was pretty good. The cases solved too easily, for me. There are too many evidences and alibi in a very short period, and with only one experiment, the whole thing was solved. Everything happened just too quick and easy.

Kenneth shows a lot of improvement in this series. The big difference between his character as Lo Sir, Senior Inspector of Police at Regional Crime Unit and playboy at night give him a better chance to shine than Raymond's emotionless character as a Professor.

Not only that, I love watching Lawrence Ng, the 11-year old boy as Tavia's nephew. His acting is cute and very different from his role as little Moses Chan in Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

Other than for fans of Raymond and Tavia, this series is good to watch for anyone who loves complicated love story and cases solved using Science. Just watch it, it is not very bad at all.

Opening and ending theme sang by Raymond Lam, 直到你不找我



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