Thursday, 23 September 2010

When the moon is round in JKM

4 days absence without a post after all the seafood in Jeram didn't really look like me at all since I used to blog daily, and sometimes with multiple posts. Anyway, being unable to fill these spaces in a few days doesn't mean my life is not crazy. I guess this post is sort of expected for those who had spent the night with me throughout the event that I am going to post about. The only thing is how I am going to post it in my blog and remains this post forever in my archive, and nothing is going to change it.

Something triggered my life to be crazier last night, that is why a new blog post is sticking here now

Not much ooh aah in my introduction this time as all the WOW moments happened last night were already captured in multiple cameras. Sorry to say that I am not the main photographer (rather than I called someone as camera-man or -woman) of the night, I am just the "kelefeh" photographer. So, before I proceed with all the pictures, I would like to credit some pictures (which most of the nice pictures) to Justin for his camera awesome-ness. Not to forget that Yi Lian took the most pictures more professionally with her camera. 

All thanks to my friends, creating the event for all of us in this so-called honeymoon posting, which is kind of isolated from anybody else. The organizer(s) (which I believed they have more than one person) beat the impossible here in Tanjong Karang which results in fab!

After uploading all the pictures and trying to write something here, only that I realized we actually do not have the complete JKM family picture, not even one. To other photographers of the night, please prove me wrong, I hope there is one. The after-dinner picture of the night, very informal one and this was like the 4th or 5th picture taken on the same position. Unfortunately, I have zero idea about photoshop, if yes, I would have cut and paste a few missing person in the picture to have at least one complete picture.

P.S : We took our dinner in Loong Hua Restaurant in Sekinchan

The picture and the numbers in there clearly answered the question why this picture is here..
Enough said

To help better digestion and atmosphere, we went to walk around Taman Mas Ria, where the rental houses for the guys located with our very classy lantern.
If to explain what happened along the walk-around-with-lantern event, I guess one blog post will not be enough. Not to forget, lots of murdering each other lanterns and candles.

Very passionate people after a few rounds of game in the house trying to create masterpiece of the day
Speaking about their creations, it was amazing and I am not part of it (gasp!) because my job was to "kepo" only

One very warm picture and I can feel the heat, even though I am sitting under the chills of air conditioner right now. It is not the heat of the candles there or the chills of the air in my room making me feeling good right now. 

It is the warmth from the people in all these pictures

I presume each of us here wish we could be with our loved one that night. Our family, which is so far away from where I am sitting here right now. 120km is the distance between Cheras and Tanjong Karang, if to continue counting the distance until Segamat, there are more miles to go. Being here has created a longer journey for me to reach home. 

Speaking about missing family members, my mom did called halfway through the "Killer" a.k.a "Murderer" game. If it was not at the peak of the game a good commoner like me being accused by 2 witty killers as a killer, I could have chat with my mom. It was because I am so damn God knows how innocent I am that time, I told my mom to chat later. Oh dear..

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Thanks to all, I am serious and grateful



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