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Food in Singapore

Warning : Long post ahead. Take your time to have a long food tour..

There is always a priority for food than fun..
No doubt this is not going to be any different..
I am going to blog about food before I moved on to the attractions
But I bet a lot of people had had wonderful time in Universal Studios Singapore before me
Indeed, it was something worth sharing even a thousand times!
I spent 4 days in Singapore, instead of 3 because the train left without me!

Here's the food I om nom nom in Singapore
Not very fancy though
Just some reviews 
This is very personal, you might love what I hate and hate what I love
That is what we called taste buds diversity

This picture grid was supposed to confuse you guys, but I think it is a failure
Because it is well organized actually
No sign of confusion

I arrived at Singapore at 5pm by train with my brother

Day 1 Dinner : Fish & Co. (Ion Orchard)

Here comes another well arranged picture grid that is not confusing
Clockwise : Passion fruit, kola tonic, Philadelphia Fish & Chips (my bro's), clam chowder soup

I had Best in Town Classic Fish & Chips 
with the addition of kola tonic and clam chowder soup.

Difference between Classic and Philadelphia 
Philadelphia has addition stuffed cheese in the fish
That's all

Clam chowder Soup
Appropriate portion for me, just nice. I love the creamy texture of the soup and it is not too milky or salty. The clams are unexpectedly a lot, where most of the shops served it very minimally. Fully satisfy and worth adding this in my meal.

Kola tonic
I ordered this because the name is new to me. When it was served, it is nothing other than coke-taste soda. It was a great antidote for my thirst after long train journey from Segamat to Singapore. The only thing I dislike in this drinks was it contains too many gas, which give me a very bloated feeling even before I finished my food. It may due to either the gas or my tiny stomach size. It is something to try on the first visit, but I might order something else if I will eat here some other day.

Classic Fish and Chips
Other than the fish is longer and bigger than any other fish I had tasted, it tasted like any other good fish and chips served. Credits given to the way they served the dish. The portion was too big for me after a bowl of soup and a few sips of kola tonic. Should be OK for me if I had it without the first two items above. But the clam chowder wasn't something to miss. So, I will still say this is a very big portion dish, double the chips served in any other restaurant.

Day 2 Lunch : Oasis Spice Cafe (Universal Studios Singapore)

Middle East dishes lover here!
My brother had Briyani rice with curry chicken and palak paneer

According to Wikipedia, "palak paneer" is an Indian vegetarian dish consisting of spinach and paneer cheese in a curry sauce. (Spot the dark greenish thingy on the upper left of the plate)

My lunch : Chicken Wrap
I am not a big fan of Indian food and the nice pictures at the counter did not convince me. Don't get me wrong, the pictures are nice and attractive, it just doesn't get into me.
So, I am going safe by ordering chicken wrap, the only thing that I felt I can munch in and continue my nerve wrecked rides down Universal Studios.
The portion, hmm, it is slightly bigger than my stomach can fit. It should be just nice for everyone.
The wrap was thick and soft, which is quite easy to munch. Due to the thickness, it can hold the chicken meat, bell peppers and other vege in there nicely.
Not a very messy food to try.
The spices peppered in this dish really triggered my taste buds in the beginning, but it started to taste too salty after a few bites.
After all, it did satisfied my stomach and my satiety center was activated.
Addition : I love the way the served the food. Nice and clean!

Day 2 Dinner : Tom Yam Seafood Noodle (Food Republic, Vivo City)

Going for something plain and not so expensive (not so cheap after all) for dinner after Universal Studios.
I was craving for steamboat and want something like tom yam
We browsed at the steamboat restaurant around Vivo City and we found out it was very pricey

Tom Yam Seafood Noodle
Since it was supposed to look like any other food court food, the creativity of food served was totally not there to emphasize on.
The soup was nice, not spicy. But I prefer it to be a bit more spicy.
I don't really like the idea of using the so-called "mee kuning", it would be lovely if it is meehoon
3 prawns in there, which tasted fresh
The only points I would suggest are the non spicy tom yam which won't caused any sensitive stomach to cry in pain and the prawns which were worth peeling causing a lot of mess
After all, this definitely not the dish I am going to order again

Day 2 Dessert : Honeymoon Dessert (Vivo City)

This was just a self-satisfying & pampering session after a long day
Plus, the non-satisfying dinner in Food Republic
These 2 bowls of dessert cost both of us $10, but I am delighted to have it

Mixed Fruits Sago (left)
What I loved in this bowl of dessert is the fruits. The fruits choice was brilliant. Mango, banana, atapchi (the one we used to have in ice kacang) and apricots
The sago was filled with vanilla essence which blend so well with all the fruits
Credits to the creativity of this dessert and its taste!

My brother don't remember what is his dessert called and I for sure not remembering for him
Overall, the dessert was well presented and our pampering session was a success!

Day 3 Lunch : Ichiban Sushi (Bukit Panjang Plaza)

Late breakfast on the day, I am having very little for lunch.
Left : Some beef that I don't remember the name because it was my brother's dish
Right : My chawanmushi

Besides having chawanmushi, I had unagi sushi, inari and one with lobster meat

Since I am not having very proper meal in here, overall the food in Ichiban Sushi was far more better than sushi king. If to compare with Sakae Sushi, the winner yet to be confirmed. The chawanmushi was the most impressive I had tasted, very smooth texture and satisfying. I like the cutlery the used here, very ancient Japan style but rich and elegant.

Day 3 Tea Time : Xin Wang Hong Kong Restaurant (Ion Orchard)

This is cooling tea time session after the train ran away without us..
I was desperately searching for coffee and dessert because initially I planned to pig out on the train
I had a hot milk coffee and these two dessert
Mango Snow (something like that) and pudding that cost $6.90

Mango Snow thingy (left)
I can only recall the ice cream as the nicest part of this thingy.
The rest of the ice tasted just kind of bland that I had to scoop the sweet mango essence from the bottom of the ice and pour it on top of the ice
It was very cold until it caused my brother to have sudden headache 
The pudding, I love the condensed milk layering the top of the mango pudding
Other than that, it was just so so..

Lastly, my day 3 dinner!
I will leave this to the next post because it is just so lovely that it should be the one and only in the next post




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