Saturday, 25 September 2010

Birthday in Tg Karang

Happy Birthday, Sin Jie!

Even though the celebration planned for her was not as BIG as last two years after we were in medical school, at least we tried our very best to make her feels special due to her BIG day.
This was the first birthday we celebrated in Tanjong Karang after nearly 6 weeks we were brought here to complete our community health posting.
Not a very huge bunch of us in a posting, only 66 and to consider again who are our own closest friends, it got down to around 10 or perhaps more people.
I just realized that I celebrated Sin Jie's birthday all 3 years since I first knew her in Kolej Keris Mas on the day of newbie registration.

Let's the pictures speak for now with brief description

I was with Sin Jie to get our lunch today and she bought herself a piece of cappuccino cake in a nearby bakery. I just have to smile behind her as I did not tell her that we actually had a surprise for her later.

Yi Lian, Yin Ru and I went to get a cake for Jie's surprise celebration at night.

A few of the JKM people celebrating Sin Jie's birthday in Satay Hut!
Thanks for coming..

Ice kacang a.k.a ABC
This was among the BIGGEST I ever see, to date
Not sure about the price, have to ask Yi Lian, Yin Ru and Poh Tse

Chicken satay, ketupat with some onions and cucumber
It was not bad, except for quite a lot burnt pieces, chicken skin and fats!
Still acceptable to me
Thumbs up to the peanut sauce
But, I still love the one I had during open house

Birthday girl with her lovely birthday cake, chocolate mousse

I love the cake a lot!
I just do not agree with the person in the bakery using blue icing, it just doesn't match
Anyway, it tasted good and soft

The girls
*Love this picture*

The guys..
*John hunched too much*

Besides that, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to my friend, Catherine Sen as well. I might not be with her after high school, my sincere wish will still be there for her. Have a blast, may you live happily and most importantly stay HEALTHY!




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