Friday, 3 September 2010

3 weeks kampung stay review

If you follow my blog or updates in Facebook, Twitter or you heard from me, I have been staying in a new place officially for 3 weeks without a chance of escaping. Yeah, I am a coward and seriously afraid of being place in trouble. 3 weeks felt like months for me there and I still have 5 weeks to go after holidays. Holidays just started, and it usually end fast before I even adapt myself.

The bus air conditioner was terribly cold today. I left my sweater in another bag. My friends and I were near freezing point before we reached our destination. I was sleepy along the journey but the Alaska-like air just confused my sleeping cells. Duh!

My first week in Tanjong Karang was smooth until I had food poisoning which was a truly disaster for me. Thank God I am all right in a few days and not dehydrated even though the symptoms persisted for a few days. I had to take in bread and oats slowly in small amounts. Imagine few days without rice or noodle. Only bread. only re-watched those TVB drama that I had in my hard disk and went for community survey in Kampung Bukit Belimbing.

Second week was busier. My group went to Hospital Tanjong Karang and had briefing in 13 units of the hospital. I did not pay attention in any of the briefing until I reached their pharmacy unit. I feel sad for the community that was attending this hospital. The operation theater was left unused. No anesthetics around. No permanent specialists. No ultrasound, no CT scan. A very meaningless physiotherapy room. Lack of equipment in accident and emergency department. One medical officer (MO) per ward, which is about 40 beds per MO. I really hope that government can do something on it, it is about life and health. Without most of the stuff there, no matter how skillful a doctor is, it is very helpless.

Third week was totally slacking mood. Independence Day in between my group fieldwork in District Health Office (DHO). We had briefing from Food Safety unit, Occupational Health Unit, BAKAS (Unit Bekalan Air dan Kebersihan Alam Sekeliling) and CDC (Communicable Disease Control unit). This was such an oh-my-gawd place to visit. I was in terribly multiple you-get-tired-from-yawning mode.




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