Monday, 27 September 2010

Happy Birthday, Xu Vin!

Hey Vin,
I never have interest in Geography and never ever care about it
So I was told that the distance between Cheras and Tanjong Karang is about 120km
I am not sure how far it is, but I only know that I can run 2.3km in 30 minutes, wonder when can I reach if I run?

This year I couldn't celebrate your birthday or cracking my head drying up my brain juice planning surprise birthday for you
I hope you still remember what I did to you during your birthday when we were in first year!
I'm sorry that there is no card, cake or present
All I can do from 120km away was reserving this blog post for you
(Hope this is consider a present)

Happy Birthday, Xu Vin!
My sincere blessings and wish always there for you
May you have a blast!

This is all for you, my friend!

P.S : LOL, I know this thing looks like a post to my boyfriend/girlfriend love letter. Anyway, happy birthday..



Sam Leong said...

cheras to tg karang is about 93-94km...

Xu Vin said...

dear wen!! i am so touched!!! *sobs*
thank you sooooo much! *muaks* :P
i truly rmb all the bdays we shared. n so sad u're not here celebrating w me this yr. thx for this specially dedicated blog post!! i LOVE IT! :D :D :D u're an awesome friend.


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