Friday, 17 September 2010

Scents of fragrance

Once I read a brief article about fragrance and how one should take his or her own time to actually decide the right scent. Our nose can only take in maximum 4 types of different smell and the 5th one, it will be blend and inaccurate. The major problem is, in one small fragrance kiosk, definitely there are no less than 4 types of different fragrance. How they overcome this is to take a bowl of coffee bean, pamper ourselves with the aromas. It can neutralized our nose and brain to start working again and looking for the right perfume or body mist.

What about eau de toilette and eau de parfum?

They differ in concentration of the aroma compounds, eau de toilette typically has 10% of the aroma compounds while eau de parfum has 15-20% of the aroma compounds. 

If represent the longevity and intensity of the perfume itself

Body mist has been said to use after shower to replace the lost moisture on our skin. I am not very sure about this definition, but what I see now is it's part of the fragrance family now but in a milder way.

Before I proceed, I did not know about perfume and fragrance at all before this. All I know was spray and I smell like chemical spills, too much. I used to hate walking nearby perfume shops or kiosk or walking fast pinching my nose. Indeed, I am getting curious about it. So, I tried 3 fragrances, to date.

Izzi Body Mist was my very first fragrance that I tried.
I used the one in purple, called True Love
It is more like my first love of fragrance due to its price (I am a cheapo)
It is a body mist and once I spray it, the smell is so strong and last for almost the whole day
I think it was good in the beginning
But, after awhile, I don't like how it stays with me as the smell turns out to be a bit different after a few hours
I still haven't finish this bottle yet

Then, I changed to Follow Me sence
Spot the yellow box with a sexy back woman, I bought that (seriously I am not going to say I am that woman lah)
It was called Happy
The smell was indeed a happy one
What caught my attention first totally was the packaging, the box and the slim bottle
I tried all the samples and Happy was not too exaggerated
I love this, but I opt for something more natural and floral

And this is my most current addiction
The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist
Warning, this smell does not last for long and strong
I love the hint of the floral scent which is so mild 
The most important thing is the person beside you does not sneeze when you pass by
And, I did not fold my nasolabial fold when I spray it on myself

I couldn't afford perfume from luxury brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret, Vera Wang, the very cute Harajuku and more in the list. That is why I can only recommend and review on stuff that is below RM50. Called me low class or what-so-ever, it is all consumer's rights to talk about every stuff in the market.




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