Saturday, 18 September 2010

Beach in Pantai Remis, seafood in Jeram

When beach and seafood come together, what will it be?
Most probably will be nice scenery with finger-licking food
But, for us yesterday it means fullness
Beach gives relaxation, peace and happiness to us, then our feeding center was activated equals to hunger
When we were hungry, here comes to seafood part
We ordered more than our tummy expectation and end up too full
Speaking about the quality and taste, I may not list it under my delicious section
It was just around the okay par
The only part I enjoyed was the freshness and they presented the dishes quite well
RM17 per person with rice and drinks, I guess it should be okay

Pictures turn to tell the stories

It took us an hour to reach here from our complex in Tanjong Karang

Pantai Remis
We were here for awhile for the nice scenery view and have a place for the Muslims to do their prayer
This place was surprisingly beautiful as I don't even know it existed until yesterday

Only the 3 of us went among us with the accompaniment of Janaki
Plus, with 10+ more other course mates
Can be considered that the 3 of us were the most seafood lovers

While waiting for the others, we just spent our time recalling childhood memory
In case you are curious, I did play with swing and excited about it

Sue Ann, Kah Yan & Janaki looked pro looking for fresh fish and which one taste better
Speaking about picking fresh ingredients to cook and eat from the market, I have negative knowledge about it

Kerang bakar
I love the cockles, feels like heaven just because I couldn't recall when was the last time it landed my taste buds!
The sauce was really spicy, not too bad though

Another of my favourite was prawn
But for this one, I think it was just okay, not more than that
Udang goreng butter
I like the blend of curry leaves flavour in it

Ikan pari bakar
I am not sure whether did I had stingray before this
And I could not remember having seafood with my family
Was it in Lumut once, when I was seven
Not in my memory lane, just know that I vomited there, blamed my ever loyal motion sickness
The flesh was really smooth, I only like it when Kah Yan pour in the sauce that taste sour and spicy at the same time
Feel very exotic, nice try anyway

Sotong goreng tepung
If I am going to have mouth muscles sore, this was the thing that I am going to blame
It tasted normal, yeah normal in the beginning when it was still hot
After some times, it took me minutes to chew
In the process of chewing, it gives us headache whether to continue chewing or just swallow it
Other than that, my jaw was totally crying for S.O.S
On the other hand, the taste was acceptable but not the texture

By the end of the meal, while we were heading back to Tg Karang, we did enjoyed the bumpy ride.
The 4 of us sat at the last row of the bus and our driver is famous of speeding
Our butt was lifted up during some of the bumps while our tummy was expanded with seafood

One thing I wish was I did not get any stomachache from eating too much cockles
I did it, I am feeling good today!



Maxloon120 said...

Hm, where is the Pantai Remis located?

Hilda Milda™ said...

Yeahh, where exactly is Pantai Remis? The ikan bakar looks a tad dry though. I will never say no to seafood hehe :D

Anonymous said...

i miss those days~~btw, v r in the same posting again ler..hehe..xD

~kah yan

Anonymous said...

Whylah never give location of the place. At least the gps coordinates.


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