Friday, 3 September 2010

Don Juan DeMercado

Don Juan DeMercado (情人眼裏高一D) was aired this year during Chinese New Year (15 February 2010). This drama has only 6 episodes with the 1st and final episode are about 40 minutes long. The rest of the episodes are 22 minutes long.

This story is about a guy, Kung Yan Tung (Wong Cho Lam) working as a vegetable market worker with non-pleasing look that has a great talent in singing. He was then turned down in a singing competition due to his look even though he has a beautiful voice and his creativity when he has no partner to sing the duet. He was then turned down by his dream lover, Yeung Sin Wah (Christine Kuo).

After being rejected, while he was trying to accept the ugly truth from the community, his dog brought him a pack of magical chocolate that turns him into a very good looking guy the next morning as Kan Lik Shun (Bosco Wong). The magical chocolate effects last for only 24 hours and he can only take it again the next 24 hours. He was then signed as singer and turn out to be the most popular singer in Hong Kong. There, he build some relationship with Tse On Fei (Kate Tsui). At the same time, his assistant, Geng Ji Ko (Kitty Yuen) is after him.

So, how is he going to hide his real identity? How is he going to maintain his handsome identity? 
This series is worth to watch!

Trivia in this series

♥ Wong Cho Lam's role as Kung Yan Tung (恭因銅) is actually named after Gillian Chung's name Zhong Yan Tung (鍾欣桐)
♥ Bosco Wong's role as Kan Lik Shun (廑力信) is named after Eason Chen's name Chan Yik Shun (陳奕迅)
♥ Kate Tsui's role as Tse On Fei (謝安腓) is named after Kay Tse's name Tse On Kei (謝安琪)
♥ The character played by Christine Kuo, Yeung Sin Wah (楊仙嬅) is named after Miriam Yeung's name Yeung Chin Wah (楊千嬅)
♥ Kitty Yuen's role as Ging Ji Ko is a spoof of Real Ting's name (Real Ting is Miriam Yeung's husband)
♥ Wilson Tsui's role, Mark Li is a spoof of Mark Lui's name.
Joel Chan's role as Cheung Chai Chun (張濟春) is a spoof of Louis Cheung's name (张继聪)

♥ In the series, Matthew Ko and Kenneth Ma are playing themselves as Hong Kong stars.

Something to know :

♥ Don Juan DeMecardo is a Spanish name. Legend has it that Don Juan believes that he is the world's greatest lover. In Spanish slang, Don Juan is equivalent to a womanizer.
♥ Christine Ko is a Taiwanese and winner of Miss Chinese Toronto Pagaent 2008 and Miss Chinese International 2009. She signed a 6 years contract with TVB.
♥ Kate Tsui is Miss Hong Kong 2004 and top 5 in Miss Chinese International 2005, losing to Leanne Li and Fala Chen.
♥ Matthew Ko is Hong Kong first ever Mr. Hong Kong.




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