Wednesday, 20 October 2010

1Malaysia coloring book

Need to take a rest from all the words in the book, seriously..
Not much differences from any other study week I had before with more and more words to be absorb

Going to share this with you guys, which I found it unique among the random stuff made in Malaysia

1Malaysia coloring book, "Adik Suka Mewarna ABC"
Only RM 1.00
From the cover of this book, it is so local and "naive"
So, I flipped through...

Very typical Malaysian mind..
Q for Quaker Oats!
During my school time, I only learned Q for Queen

Yes, this one..
I knew about Zucchini Gourd when I was quite grown up, haha XD
It appeared in a kid's coloring book, surprisngly

In my opinion, the title of this book should be "Adik Suka Mewarna Makanan"
Instead of "Adik Suka Mewarna ABC"

What a creative and affordable way to promote local food in Malaysia, at the same time to boost the kid's coloring creativity




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