Saturday, 30 October 2010

Eat, sing & pledged to support..

One fine day in between my exam papers
Finally I went to my cousin's place again!
Which mean more activities for me, rather than being hypnotized by the books in my room

Went to Sunway Pyramid today, which was among the nearest place from my cousin's house

Carl's Jr for lunch!

Carl's Jr's Fish & Chips
I am not surprised with the so-so quality because it is supposed to be famous for burgers
Don't feel like taking in burger, as I had late latte in the morning
I had lots of fish and chips in different places and restaurant
No matter how desperate you are, don't take it from Carl's Jr
I'm serious & I never joke about food

After lunch, I went to Red Box with Tyng
Sang for about 2 hours plus until 5.30pm
I just realized both of us sound good karaok-ing "If I Had You" by Adam Lambert!

Dinner in Sweet Bean
Ying's stewed egg with milk
I had that strawberry, anyway..

This is mine!
Cheesy mushroom noodle with chicken chop
This is seriously fulfilling, satisfying, cheesy and wonderful
Try this, cheesy lovers out there..

We were approached by a volunteer in Sunway to ask for our support in Power Over Cervical Cancer
This was organized by National Cancer Society Malaysia
After signing to support, our "solo" picture was taken as a proof that we supported this
"We are one step closer to our target to get 24,000 photo pledges to get into the Malaysian Book of Records"
So, am I in the record? 

Visit this website to know more about cervical cancer
You can pledge by submitting your photo in this website as well
And, all the photos will be displayed in the Largest Pink Party in Zouk KL
What are you waiting for?

After signing to support and photo taken, there are some vouchers
Baskin Robbins RM 3 off for all waffle sundae purchase
Free samples for Shiseido The Ultimate Anti Aging Serum
10% discount on 1 pair of Reebok EasyTone/TrainTone/RunTone shoes
(Anyone wants the Reebok voucher? I'm offering)

I had pledged to support Power Over Cervical Cancer
How about you?

"Help protect all women"
"Help to fight cervical cancer, in style"



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