Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Jail break!

Most people know that I succeed in jail breaking last weekend
(Note to Tyng : instead of rescuing you using the jail break code your POCKET sent me)

At last, I get to breath in KL air, which is highly polluted
But, who cares when you get to see landscapes, HUKM, my hostel, my house mates and my family XD
Spent my Friday night in Prisma hanging out with Siew Im 

Then I realized I forgot to "rescue" Tyng and then I went to KLCC with her
Went into Petrosains for the 4th time!
Accompanying Tyng and her course mates to do assignments in there
It was so cute when they called each other "Teacher"
Oh ya, they are taking Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Breakfast from Cafe Milano in Signature KLCC (the food court)
Chicken lasagna
Not a good choice for breakfast, but I am dying to get myself some Western food

Tyng's regular peach waffle with peppermint ice cream

Spot the differences!
There is a purpose why this picture is here, I guess you know what I want to show here
Only if you found it not interesting

Our ticket for Petrosains was 12.30pm
Out of boredom and we were seriously thirsty, we tried BOOST Juice bars' Energiser Juice
BOOST Juice bars offers healthy and natural fruits juice with something they called booster
Energiser Juice is a mixture of fresh oranges, strawberries and bananas with Energiser booster

Energiser booster = guarana, ginseng and Vitamin E

Their website is interesting with very well done captions about their products
BOOST Juice bars' webpage

Nah, no successful attempt in taking pictures here
The Mirror of Infinity of Infinity Mirror in Petrosains

Well, TADA!
Dream comes true, I got myself the Watson VIP Membership Card, finally
Stack of vouchers inside the Passport
I am just going to hug this to sleep XD




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