Tuesday, 26 October 2010

When I said nothing at all

All done with my written paper for Internal Medicine and Community Health!
6 days to go before OSCE for both postings, as well
Need a good rest, hoping to have wonderful lala land awaiting me..

It was said "You don't wish to sleep because your dream has turn into reality"
Mine, goes the other way round
"I wish to sleep because my dream hasn't turn into reality"
That is why sleeping is my Love

It is because I love sleeping so much that I neglect my intelligence
I didn't get myself Clinical Medicine by Kumar & Clark, the baby version
After 8 weeks of Medicine and 8 weeks of Hawaii posting, I still didn't turn smart to get one for myself
Until I found out that, I am totally in need of it during the study week
Out of nowhere I turn out a bit smarter than usual, I borrowed from Xu Vin

Thanks, Vin!



Xu Vin said...

ahahaha u're welcome wen! :D wow cool photography skill wei! :P


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