Friday, 29 October 2010

Wonders of yesterday

Yesterday internet connection sucks!
And, I was wondering are the aliens attacking
Hope nobody was hypnotized by the aliens or sucked into their superb flying objects

Last morning I was awake with the air of my room filled with piano masterpiece
All thanks to my neighbour downstair, my coursemate as well
Mr. John Lee
I guess he was very emo at that moment
I even made song dedication from Facebook
Thank you for your 1st part of Clementi Sonatina in C Major Ops.36 No.3
My morning and early afternoon was filled with the wonders of music and aroma of vanilla latte

Seriously not going to forget, John's mom homemade yam cake!
That was so lovely for Siew Im and I
Once again, thank you!
*I'm glad John did not throw the food up as what he mentioned earlier*

All right, after lots of thankfulness and appreciation
Here are some pictures to share
More and more gratefulness on the way down

Main point, the on the top right corner of the paper
"You are engaging in behavior that may be considered annoying or abuse by other users"
I love that sentence and Facebook whacked me with that when I replied all my birthday wishes on the date stated on my Endocrine Workshop paper
For those that actually read what I wrote and highlight there, the answer is Diabetes Mellitus
Photo 0115 is actually showing acanthosis nigricans

Left by my roommate before I woke up
So nice of her (awwww....)

The most grateful food ever!
Yam cake with "chai bu" (the very salty crunchy vegetables) and dried small prawn sambal (xia mi)




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