Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wrapping up!

Finally I can yell "YAY!"
Even though I left UKM Tanjong Karang complex yesterday and officially back to KL again
The major concerns back here were our very last presentation - The Grand Seminar, and VIVA with our respective mentor
Frankly speaking, I never feel so nervous and restless the night before presentation that I had to give my mom a call, just to talk to her
This might sound very lame to some people, but all I want is a little more efforts done before this posting was announced it was the end of it

A cocktail of feelings throughout the 8 weeks doing Community Health in Tanjong Karang, Kuala Selangor
Dislikes, laughter, warmth, friendship, jokes, stress, feeling unfair, joy, love, patience and impatience

I had never been to Kuala Selangor before this
All thanks to this posting, I am able to smile to myself and recall what I had gone through whenever I saw the words "Tanjong Karang, Sekinchan, Sabak Bernam, Jeram, Ijok etc." or when they were mentioned

We spent lots of public holiday there, which was surprisingly A LOT
Nuzul Quran, National Day, Hari Malaysia and a week break for Hari Raya
Other than that, we gone through 7th month of Lunar calendar there, Mooncake festival and fasting month for the Muslims

No more waiting for lecturers for hours, no more air-conditioner, no more day dreaming when the PPKP was talking, no more rushing assignments, no more presentation after presentation, no more data analysis and SPSS, no more beach, no more fresh seafood, no more lazing around.. AND no more John "nagging" to speed up the pace during survey!

Good job to both Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam group
Congratulations to poster winners and enjoy your 4G pendrive (awww)
Congratulations to Kuala Selangor for winning the Grand Seminar!

While jogging in this beautiful place, I will never forget to capture the wonders created by God with the love and patience of human to maintain it
Left : A pair of wings look alike in the sky (captured when I was playing badminton)
Middle : Nicely decorated coconut trees (captured early evening, my usual jogging time)
Right : The sky with shadow of coconut trees (captured at night)
Background picture : Beautiful clouds + clear sky (captured in the bus while traveling back to KL during Raya break)

Pantai Remis
Another beautiful place, exclude the rubbish
We spotted ships, boats and even light house when we were there

Food is a necessity when it comes to visiting any places
My all-time favourite, cockles
Something that I don't usually have, satays
New stuff for me, shark porridge
Killing my seafood addiction, squid cooked in sour-sweet sauce

Field works to follow and learn under District Health Office (DHO)
Clockwise :
Water sampling with KMAM
Briefing about toilets and irrigation in Kg Parit Serong with BAKAS
School activity with School Health Team
Fogging activity with Vector Unit

Sabak Bernam Intervention Program in Kg Parit 9
Clockwise :
Morning aerobic with the students
Clinical booth set up free clinical check up for the villagers
Sukaneka for the students
Sabak Bernam dedicated group members performing choir

Kuala Selangor Intervention Program done in Kg Bukit Belimbing
Clockwise :
Sukaneka for the children
Choir by the students in the school and a few of Kuala Selangor group members (Anti Merokok song that was composed by Danny, lyrics written by Asmaa, a true success)
Clinical booth
Free dental checkup

Family Case Study with Kok Joo and John
Home visit

General Survey Kuala Selangor group outing in Pizza Hut

More and more events
Clockwise :
Lantern festival celebrating among us in the guy's house
Sin Jie's birthday celebration in Satay Hut
Sharing the fun of playing lantern with everyone during our BBQ night
BBQ night a.k.a Hari Raya feast

The End of Community Health (JKM) posting
2nd posting, 2010/2011



Xu Vin said...

awwww loads of wonderful memories.. i love ur scenery photos!


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