Monday, 18 October 2010

More than just study week

Spared a few minutes of my golden study week to blog, one of my excuse to turn away from books
Yeah, I am home for study week with much pleasure and comfort
Rewind a bit from the time I finished my 2nd posting until I reached home

My newly adopted baby, Dolphin looking through the bus window before leaving complex in Tanjong Karang

Serene sunset moment from 14th floor of Prisma Perdana in Cheras

Went to have taufu fa in Li Soya with my parents
Li Soya was located in Carrefour, Sri Petaling
The taufu fa and soy milk here are not sweeten, we can adjust the sweetness ourselves as they provide sugar on every table

My peanut glutinous rice (tong yuen) in soy milk

Saturday night supper with my parents in Old Taste Kopitiam
My parents' steamed bread with chicken rendang

My nutritious wholemeal pitta bread with tuna and sausages

My all-time craving while I was in Kuala Selangor
3 layers mixed coffee and tea (ying yong)!

My mummy and daddy!

Love being at home so much
Where I can eat a lot of fruits that was nicely cut by my mum
My favourite, kiwi!

But, for sure not to forget, STUDY!
(and Facebook)
*promoting for Vaseline, as well*



Xu Vin said...

glad u're happy n at home! gosh i miss homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


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