Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Shark meat!

Mamma mia!
Crazylife is back again this time bringing a new friend called Shark

Zillion of thanks to Yi Lian for introducing this friend to me and I am loving it
Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant was introduced in the most recent Ho Chak! in 8TV (Episode 12, Season 16)
I missed that episode but I watched it in after I had the meals
That was the purpose that brought us here

It was just a very classic wooden shop house in Kampung Nelayan Sekinchan

It is okay if you are not a big fan of rice, there is other choice 
Shark Porridge!
On the left was spicy shark porridge, on the right was original shark porridge
I had the spicy one, it wasn't really hot that keep you asking for water, it tasted spicy and sour, which tickles my appetite
It is not-so-porridge after all because the rice wasn't completely soft
It was more like rice-in-soup (yeah, something like that)
In the soup, there were very smooth shark meat, ginger, fish balls, salty vegetables
For someone like me who loves to flood my rice with tom yam soup, this is definitely a dish to try!
Highly recommended, not fishy at all

This was one of the dish shown in Ho Chak!
Fried shark meat with chili sauce
The shark they used in this dish was 'xiao sha' (small sharks)
So OMG crispy and tasty
It was crunchy outside and the meat inside was smooth
Double, triple thumbs up!
Don't eat here if you are not going to order this 

 Fried chili prawns
One of my favourite seafood, prawns
It was not spicy and I love the blend of the spices with onions
The prawns were crunchy
In Cantonese, I will describe this dish as 'hiong hao' (I am not sure how to translate this)

Vegetables, a must!
For more fibers...

Another recommended dish from Ho Chak!
"zhen zhong chao hu sha"
Direct translation : Original fried tiger sharks
It was shallow fried with spring onions, coriander and pig's intestine and esophagus!
I was told it tasted better when you take the one with their fat layer attached to the meat
It just taste so weird for me *gulp*
Very fattening dish 

 Yeah, this is the one I mentioned
Fat layer attached to the meat!
They said it has a lot of collagen, really?

We ordered 2 sets of all the dish shown since there were 16 of us that day plus with tea, it cost us RM204!
Cheap right?



xing said...

omg! the food looks so yummy! seafood is my fav! thanks for sharing eli. and i thought shark meat is illegal eh..

Xue Ren said...

the food looks yummy, but i'm not a big fan of shark. LOL! :(


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