Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nature and colours : Flowers

I don't have a green finger and have no fate with chlorophyll
Trees and flowers were not in my list of favourite
And, don't ask me the name of the flowers
But, here is something to soothe the eyes after reading too much either from the books or facing too long on the screen facebook-ing

Pictures were taken by me, using Samsung Wave's camera
While all the flowers were courtesy of my grandmother
Location : Garden in my house


This didn't look really nice when I saw it
Eventually it turn out so pure and serene in this picture
I start to love this flower!

Very feminine like flower, grouping together
It gives me the feel of a bunch of good girlfriends togetherness feeling
*thinking too much*

I always compared this colour with my highlighter
It was exactly the same colour!
Never know bougainvillea can be so beautiful with a tiny white flower inside 

Red ixora

My mom had no idea what I was doing when I took this picture
I was sort of squatting on the floor, nearly lying flat on it
Just to get the reflection of those plants from the water puddle collected after the heavy rain

My favourite picture of all time!
If this picture was zoom nearer, every body structures of the ant were very prominent
I just love the ant's butt, look at those shiny lines

Don't you just love the nature and the colour?



Xu Vin said...

owh wow nice photos! :D i like the white flower!


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