Friday, 15 October 2010

3 things I want to improve...

  • Be serious about study and exams
  • Improve my skills on my piano
  • Exercise and jog
So much regrets on not being very serious on my studies right after I finished my matriculation, screwed a lot of my exams in medical school. Glad that I am still surviving but I feel this is insufficient.

Much much more regrets when I see people so professional with their music instruments and the passion towards it. I love to learn about guitar, right now. But, I never been good in piano yet even I had it with me since I was 6. I guess my music teacher was right then, I am kind of music deaf AND failed to appreciate the wonders of it.



Tyng (梁绮庭) said...

different people do better with other musical instruments. only some seem to be good in all.

Xu Vin said...

hey girl dun pressure urself too much :P while we marvel at how ppl excel in their fields n bcome like renowned musicians in the end it boils down to who you are and what makes u unique. besides, it would be hard on urself to say u were not serious enough in ur studies in prev yrs cz you've worked long and hard to get whr u are today. :D cheers to that yea! u'll make an awesome doctor :P


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