Friday, 1 April 2011

Wheels Cafe

Dinner with my cousins and uncle yesterday in Sri Petaling
This time we went to Wheels

The atmosphere was totally spoiled by a long table of adults drinking beers and smoking cigarette
They talked and laughed so loud
And, some were even near drunk

Yesh, they serve both Western and also Asian food here
There is promotion too
Food + mushroom soup + Ice lemon tea (RM11.80 to RM18.80) 

Iced Honey Lemon 

My carrot juice
Need more vitamin, fibre and carotene for myself
If I'm not mistaken it costs RM 4.80 

 Uncle's fish noodle
It smells really good, I didn't try it

 Qi Ying's breakfast set
Yeah, breakfast set still available at 7.30pm

Qi Ern's Fish & Chips 

My spaghetti carbonara
The portion is BIG
The sauce is very thick and creamy, just how I love it
With my favourite mushrooms and chicken
Choice of either chicken or beef

Qi Tyng's Sausage Delight
The sauce is like the one we used to have in chili con carne!

Satisfying and super full dinner we had!
Except having some background drunk people accompanying us

Wheels Western & Asian Fusion Cafe
83, Jalan Radin Tengah,
Bandar Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.



crazywrazy said...

Woots more food in your blog! It has been awhile since I have my last carrot milk fruit drinks. Cabonara spaghs again! Looks awesome eh the food, they only provide western food ahr XD

Isaac Tan said...

ehhh i really like western food. throw me some of that food qi wen! XD


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