Monday, 19 July 2010

5 minutes

I remembered what Mr. Eric Amaladas told me when I was in leadership camp during Form 5
He said :
When you are late, you are not only wasting your own time.
You are wasting the others time as well.
Let's say,
If you are late for 5 minutes and there are 10 people waiting for you
You are not only wasting 5 minutes
You had wasted (5 minutes x 10 people) 50 minutes

We might not realized how important a 5 minutes for other people
However, we realized how many people were killed by breast cancer in a minute

5 minutes can rescue anything
Human, animals, plants
If everyone in this world take 5 minutes to do something good
The world has reach peace in 5 minutes
Dreams may come true

Take 5 minutes to pray to God
5 minutes to love your family and miss them, pray for them
5 minutes to bless your friends
5 minutes to love your life
5 minutes to thank God that you are able to do this now

Thank you for reading this
I hope I didn't waste your 5 minutes




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