Saturday, 17 July 2010

Here in My Home

Home Sweet Home
My holidays not so soon yet, but I am now home for less than 48 hours
Back to Segamat with my cousins and uncle to visit my grandpa
Besides, it is also a place to relax, out of the big city
It is also a chance for me to be with my parents
And love the smell of my house

Durian season is here since weeks ago
I missed the durian 'jatuh' part
No more durians on the trees
Oh ya, forget to tell I once had 2 durian tress at home
Now, only one surviving...

The one and only mini durian on the tree
Took this picture on a mini portable stairs
I am quite shaky actually as the stairs I stepped on was so unstable
Need my mom to hold me and cousin to hold the stairs

Leong's papaya tree

Flowers in my house
I am not good in gardening
So, I didn't know the name of the flowers

I like this one!

Taiwan mochi
Mango & coffee flavours
It is very sweet for me

Japan dried salted salmon
It was very stiff
So hard to chew
(The redness on my face was due to facial done just few hours ago)

Swing made by my dad long long time ago
We are still playing with it 

My dog, Dao Dao
With his steel water bowl..

The one I miss a lot..
Nanyang Kopitiam's Special For You Coffee
(Fei Nei Mok Sok in chinese)

Sunset from the back of my house
Sungai Segamat..




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