Saturday, 10 July 2010

Toilet reminders!

Toilet may not be a very pleasant place for all of us. But toilet is a must in every area due to everyone's needs. Somehow, the toilets (the 's' at the end is important - telling you how many it is) in the area where I study (you know lah) putting lots of efforts to let everyone have a pleasant time in there.

Not only lots of efforts, but lots of paper or you called it 'signs' inside the toilet to give friendly reminder. Some might just make you laugh in the toilet cubicle like a mad person. The last one really make me laugh (try not to imagine how I look like k? =.=")

"Pencemaran bau" XD

This is a very friendly reminder. It is in the library.
Don't you feel pleased after seeing this?
The picture is not so nice as it is pasted quite high up
And I am not so tall..

This is my f.a.v.o.u.r.i.t.e!
Whenever I saw this, I will try not to laugh
It makes my day
Something I have this evil thinking and curiosity to try closing the door hard enough
Anyway, I haven't done that before
Afraid I heard someone is screaming when I do that

Last but not least,
the handmade flower decoration wrapped with book wrapper.
It is pasted on the wall of the toilet
This is not the only one
A few cm, there is one




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