Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Restaurant City, I'm back!

Restaurant City comeback!

I left my restaurant as a junk for more than a month before I dig it out again 
Before this I was super addicted to this game that I kept my eyes on it almost every single minute
Feeding my workers
Taking away the dishes for them
Cleaning the toilets

Not that I had lots of time for it now 
(The loading is always slow)
I just feel like redecorate it

My restaurant new look
Without much changes 
Except it is more colourful now
And less systematic

To level up faster :
- Arrange the table around the stoves
- Put 4 stoves in between with 4 cooks and 4 waiters
- Waiters turn 180 degree and walk straight line faster than diagonally
- You don't have to assign anyone as janitor anyway
- Toilet is not a necessity, popularity won't go down when your customer couldn't find the toilet




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