Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Not for impatient people

There is no way for me to become an impatient person right now. My pink dell inspiron 1420 which had served me for 2 years 7 months is getting lag and problematic. Reformatted once last year but still a lot of problem.

- It takes her own sweet time when you power on
- Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are always unresponsive and crashed
- Sudden onset of 'blue screen' whenever I am doing something
- Weak and poor detection of Wi-fi
- Get warm and super hot very easily
- Become not responding and hang whenever I rename new folder
- Become not responding again when I empty my recycle bin
- Disk check too often
- Very slow in every aspect
- The cover is very dirty due to its rubbery material that the dust can't be removed by wiping it with anything
- The screen pixels were deformed sometimes
- No webcam allowed during MSN because it will hang and I have to restart my laptop

There are still something good...
- The sound system is still very well maintained
- Keyboard still looks good without any faded letter
- Webcam still working
- Downloaded games and applications can work quite well

Hope I still can own this laptop for some times. I never think of changing my laptop any moment from now.




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