Sunday, 11 July 2010

Another lens of Internal Medicine

When we talked about our own posting, we will only complained to each other about the downs and not the ups. Everyone seems to tell how terrible their own posting was, so far. Yeah, I believe all of us in different postings actually appreciate a lot of things in different aspect as well. From our lenses, we see things differently now and we did see through our heart. All those rantings were just part of life.

Widen our lens, we see it in another angle of postings and friends. I might feel pressured by doctors and the surroundings. But there are still people around me that make me feel so much better after all.

Friends. Patients. Doctors.

These are the people that keep me looking forward for another day.

I don't categorized myself a very social person. I don't have a big social circle in my batch. I am not sure how my posting mates look at me. I am not sure how much we get along, actually. Having some close friends around gives me more credits. So far, I don't have problem with those friends that I meet everyday in the ward yet. I hope things will get better as we are going to stay in the same posting for a year.

We are halfway through now in Internal Medicine. "Blurring of mind" still there.

Other than my own group members, Sin Jie and John, my social circle with the others still need a lot of improvement. I hope I am not too anti-social. Anyway, I am always open to get to know more each and everyone of my friends. I hope I didn't frighten anyone, though..

Internal Medicine friends, will see you guys more often and work this out together.
Friends in other postings, miss you guys so much! *hugs*




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