Monday, 26 July 2010

Just covered 5km...

I lost a few kg during my break in between my 2nd year and 3rd year.
Jog with some aerobics and stretching...
It feels really good!

Last weekend (it was yesterday + the day before yesterday), I walked and jogged on Tyng's treadmill.
In 2 days, I covered about 5km...
Can do better actually..
I am not used to running on treadmill yet..
I am looking forward for more km to be covered on the treadmill..
But then, only I realized in another few more weekends, I am off to Tanjung Karang..
I must bring my running shoes there!


Joining me, anyone?

2006 School's Sports Day



kyan said...

sounds so semangat woh..haha


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