Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cousin's birthday in Pavilion KL

Happy Birthday to Qi Ern & Qi Ying!
Sweet 16, girls..

So, we are heading to Pavilion to hunt for food for their birthday
Haha XD

Up with the pictures!
My cousins, Ern & Ying are so shy for pictures, so it will either my own face in there or other stuff

Pavilion KL

Food Republic for late breakfast
Pavilion is the only place with Food Republic, I am so delighted to see it again as the last time I saw it was in Ion Orchard, Singapore
My spaghetti bolognese & cousin's farfalle carbonara with ham from Western Cuisine
Uncle's ice kacang from dessert & fried wo tip + sausages from Little Taiwan

Classic Cuisine Cheese (Triple C)
Wonderful top up in my spaghetti...

Then we went to have a walk while waiting for Tyng to finish her exam
picaBot, the floor cleaning robot!
Very useful for big houses and busy + lazy people
The promoter told us it is good for people with pets and hairy stuff in the house
(Ying and I exchanged look when the guy mentioned 'hairy stuff' because our floor used to have a lot of falling hairs. So, we are the so-called 'hairy stuff')

Some cars exhibition that didn't really caught our attention

Mouth-watering chocolates displayed at the counter!
Chocolate frog (reminds me of Harry Potter)
Teddy bear, diamond, spoon-shaped chocolates & etc.

Left : Fair Lady Frappe, Miss Coco Frappe (Hot - background picture), Snow White Mocha Frappe
Fair Lady stands for Belgian milk chocolate frappe
Miss Coco stands for only Belgian chocolate
Snow White stands for Belgian white chocolate

Shepherd's Pie

The fondue - Chocolate Affairs!
With kiwi, oranges, strawberries & bananas
The chocolate is very warm at the bottom, nice one!
The best combination for me was kiwi + chocolate
Orange + chocolate was really a new thing

There you go!

End results - solidified chocolate!

I applied for mCoupon for Clinique free 5-day trial packet in Facebook
After a few minutes of consultation, I got 2 Free 3-Step try-ons

Signing out now, people
Hope you enjoy!
National Geographic Store is a very cool place..
(My birthday!)



Half Naked Latte © said... it very expensive? i wana be surrounded by chocolate haha

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Nicolette : It is actually not that very expensive.. The price is worth and very tempting.. Must try! =)


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