Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Music & Heart

I used to hate Wednesday when I was in primary and secondary school
Know why?
It was my piano lesson day!
I am very annoyed by the fact that I need to practice at least an hour a day or more for better results
I never follow the rules as always
I will only do it for less than 30 minutes
Scales, arpeggio or asparagus, I won't care as I hardly find it make sense

Not until I flipped through a near 2 years old Readers' Digest (issue of August 2008)

I don't remember the title of the article, but this is what it says...

Perhaps those piano lessons you were forced into as a child did you some good after all.
A study published in Heart magazine found when subjects were played samples of music, the faster the tempo, the more the listeners' breathing and heart rate rose; but afterwards this arousal dropped to a lower level than before the music was played.
Moreover, the effects was stronger on those subjects with musical training (wherein you learn to synchronize breathing with the music). Researchers suspect this relaxing effect could be good for the heart 




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