Monday, 20 December 2010

Fulfilled & Unfulfilled

Wishlist Year 2010
1. Pass my 2nd year exam
2. Do well in 3rd year
3. Go Universal Studios Singapore
4. Get a new watch
5. Get a new phone
6. Travel to other country besides Singapore
7. Start jogging
8. Learn more piano pieces
9. Join more activities in campus
10. Stay with one set of facial range
11. Get a new spectacles
12. Try colored contact lens
13. Cut my hair short
14. Drive more often
15. Have proper meals everyday
16. Get a new laptop
17. Own a perfume with pretty bottles
18. Own a bible
19. Go for facial treatment
20. Go for manicure
21. Try fish spa
22.  Have a trip with friends
23. Have a trip to Singapore with my family
24. Watch Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows
25. Increase my blog traffic
26. Try to do something good
27. Start earning money
28. Conduct deliveries
29. Pass my 3rd year 1st semester exam
30. Try lots of seafood in Kuala Selangor
31. Become nuffnang Glitterati members
32. Join one of Nuffnang activity and get to know the other Nuffnangers
33. Sign up for Twitter
34. Shopping!
35. Tidy up my study table and throw away unnecessary stuff
36. Join at least one marathon or run
37. Watch and follow latest TVB drama series
38. Try Baskin Robbins
39. Try Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
40. Try Haagen Daz
41. KMJ Hayat 50 reunion
42. Complete family reunion during CNY
43. Win at least one blogging contest
44. Be a successful blogger



yeeing said...

Haha nice to-do list !! Followed you in blog and twitter :D


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