Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Sorry for the absence in this blog
All I can say was I'M CRAZY right now
With very crazy schedule
Very crazy works to do
Very crazy books to read
Very crazy friends around
Very crazy posting

But well, I had gone through 2 weeks of it, now on the 3rd week
Everything is just so CRAZY and CRAZILY exciting

I am so crazy because I have no choice to keep holding on without sleep
I am so crazy that I conducted deliveries
I am so crazy that finally I learn how to hold a baby
I am so crazy that I don't mind blood is everywhere
I am so crazy that I can skip meals for the sake of on call
I am so crazy that I need to build layers of thick wall on my face for being scolded
I am so crazy that I walked alone in the night to get to my apartment
I am so crazy that I choose myself to be put into this right now

In conclusion, the girl with the crazylife is so crazy that she couldn't update her blog!
How desperate...

Will try to update whenever the craziness of study life subside and let some space for my blogging craziness to flow in

After typing too much "crazy" in this post, my brain somehow suddenly doesn't click with the word crazy and the spelling, as if this word doesn't exist...



karl said...

u're sharing ur life experience with other people. that's not crazy. :)


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