Thursday, 16 December 2010


Year End Sales!
Taking this opportunity to shop and shop and shop
"Kononnya" I got winning cash -LAH
But I spent more than I earn

I almost bought everything in the shop!
Until I got this canvas bag as my shopping bag and another free make up pouch
Imagine how much I bought that earn me all this so-called free stuffs
The Face Shop is my current addiction
They even run out of my long addiction stick concealer!

Overview of what I bought
Yeah, I know it doesn't look much here
But all this burn holes in my pocket

Cousin's Ice Flower Hydra Emulsion
I love the box!
I love the box!
I love the box!

My favourite buy of the day!
This is the 4th addition in my collection
Welcome Secret Blossom!

Buy 3 boxes FREE 1 box and 1 mini BB cream
FaceQ masks
Got it from the Beauty, Wellness, Spa Expo in Mid Valley running from 10-12 December 2010
So I shared with my cousin

Time to fulfill my song challenge for today
Day 06: A song reminds me of somewhere
One Two Three - Britney Spears
*It reminds me of my uncle's car! This song was played over and over again by the same radio station in a few hours when we were stuck in the traffic jam when he used to pick me up from KL Campus. My cousin and I was so annoyed by the song*




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