Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas & Friends

Less than 48 hours, all happened in a blink of an eye

Last year Christmas Eve, my brother was in KL according to my plan and we had Christmas dinner in Tyng's friend apartment
Last year Christmas day, we went for bowling and watched Sherlock Holmes in Mid Valley
Last year Boxing Day, we had splashing and flying moments in Sunway Lagoon

It was Christmas & Family last year

Now is the post for THIS YEAR

Christmas & Friends this year

Christmas Eve (24.12.2010)

After an intensive lecture or more of Q&A session with Prof Norzi
After a heavy rain pour
After taking 3 different public transport
Here we are in Mid Valley Megamall 
(I had breakfast in Delicious last Christmas)

We shared the appetizer
Wild Mushroom Soup with garlic bread

Napolious Spaghetti 

Vegetarian spaghetti (with lots of brinjal) with roasted tomato sauce
I love the roasted tomato taste and the aroma

Shepherd's pie! 

Then we watched 7.15pm Tron Legacy
Love the graphics!
The storyline was actually simple but it takes time for me to rearrange everything to conclude everything

Christmas Eve + Countdown + 2 hours plus of Christmas (until 2.30am)

Venue: Bulldog English Pub & Restaurant in Hartamas 

They recommend this drinks to me, called Kamikaze (a cocktail)
It just taste so-so
Wei Ming-The Expert said this drinks was horrible compared to the first time he had it here
He said it tasted like raw salmon

We played rounds of card games to kill the time and for sure to have fun
Everyone become so open and cool that time
For the sake of not losing a game, in one of the game, we followed a friend standing on the chair without even thinking what we were doing!
We made the person who lost each round of the game to have a sip of Strongbow
Strongbow taste super nice!

More about Strongbow : HERE

The guys playing pool

The girls with fussball
Need ear plug next time playing fussball with the two posing "Peace" sign
They have high amplitude and frequency screams!

 Of course, a group picture!

Our Christmas Secret
Q: What course you guys taking?
A: Christmas secret!

Christmas Morning (25.12.10)

I was invited or recruited by Xu Vin to join the other Hope Church members and friends to be in the service on this Christmas morning

Group photo is a must!
I'm the one hidden at the far left in this picture
(I thought my heels can beat the others' height!) 

I'm glad to meet my 5th year buddy, Hui Fang (left)
(She drove me here)
I had lost count when was the last time I saw her..

More and more pictures with nice stars-like ceiling as the background picture

After the service and lunch, I was back with Xu Vin and we listened to Glee songs until my biological battery runs out of juice!

Love Glee!
Love Sue Sylvester!



Lilian Hii (백합) said...

Sue Sylvester is so mean yet LOVABLE! HAHA! :D looks like you guys had lots of fun!

Mknace said...

:) :) :)

Xu Vin said...

:D lovely!

irene said...

TRON is nice!!cool ya~

SuFang (Careen) said...

I love the pasta of Delicious :D

xing said...

ah..random dates with girl friends. i miss it so much!!

alvinontherocks said...

Yeah the CG for Tron was simply impressive compared to what they did in 1982 for the original Tron; but that too was impressive since it was in 1982 :p


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