Sunday, 5 December 2010

Oriental Weekend

Warning ahead:
If you are very hungry now, I'm sorry if this post makes you more hungry
If you are very full and bloated right now, I'm sorry if those images make you feel like vomiting

It has been so long I didn't blog whole lot about food
So lack of energy and sleep after my on call until 6.30am last Saturday, I had lots of food after that
I called my weekend "Oriental Weekend" in relation to what I had these weekend

Here's the om nom nom!
Restaurant to introduced this time: Taiwan Dami, Asatei, Tang Pin Kitchen

My first meal after the on call
So hungry that I can feel the hint of gastritis
Taiwan Dami sounds like Taiwan "Dummy" 
A new shop in the new shop lots in Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling

Noodle with chicken chop (cheese)
I LOVE this!
Even though the portion of the noodle isn't that big, it was satisfying
The soup is not salty 
There are carrots, radish, onions, fried onions, cabbage and lots more you can see in there
I clear off all the soup!

Chessy chicken chop
I love the taste of the orange color spices they peppered on top of the chicken
It was unexpectedly crunchy!
Now I'm craving for this

Sunday lunch with my cousins, uncle and Kevin 
The address is there, it was situated at the same row of shop lots as Taiwan Dami 
They served both chinese dim sum and japanese dim sum (sushi)

This is what they first served us when we were just about to settle down on a table
Very hygienic
My first impression on this new restaurant was really good 

Char siew pau (Roast pork steamed bun)
This is very small but the char siew was pretty good

My favorite from this restaurant
Siu long pau (Shanghai steamed meat dumpling)
I love biting a small hole then slurped in all the juice inside the pau
This is very small, dislike the one in i-Dragon 

Nai yao pau (Custard pau)
I'm not a big fan of custard, for me this dish was just so so 

This is one very pity looking har gao (Shrimp dumpling)
Most of the dim sum here were mini size
So, I guess they just make you order more 

Here comes the Japanese Cuisine part
It was OK and the size is bigger than Sushi King's inari
It looked good until a bite of it, the rice inside got so loose
I think they still need to brush up their skills in producing Japanese food 

This wasn't satisfying for me
So so only-LAH
(A very reluctant so-so for this) 

Kitsune Udon
The bowl is nice, the decoration of the food is nice
The food is not nice!
The soup was very bland, the fried bean curds tasted so weird
It will make people feel full but not satisfying at all 

Curry Katsu
Look at the curry before I tell you how it tasted
Any Japanese food lover will look at the curry twice once it was served
Then, everyone starts to take the spoon to taste the curry because it looked just so weird
It tasted like Indian Curry with kunyit and strong weird spices
The appetite to eat curry katsu gone after tasting the curry
I couldn't finish this, I just took all the chicken
The rice is hard and cold as well..

The good hygienic impression went jet speed down because of the food
The food here isn't cheap, anyway

Due to super unsatisfying lunch in Asatei, we moved to another shop nearby at the same row
Tang Pin Kitchen

This "kitchen" served different types of desser (tong sui) everyday
This is what I had, Barley Fu Chuk
Good one for my sore throat 

Sai dao yu yuen (Wolf-herring fish ball) 
This one tasted GOOD
Hardly find this one in KL
I still love the one in Yong Peng, Johor

Okay, I forgot what did this called
It was fried fish meat in popiah style and was wrapped again by the chee cheong fun
They were juicy!
Love love.. 

Wo Tip (minced pork and vegetables wrapped in fried wheat flour)
My cousin loves this one
For me it was a bit dry, but it doesn't affect the taste, still good 

 Fish cakes!
This is one plain dish but very satisfying
Not very salty
Overall, GOOD!

Cousins looking at the tong sui "billboard" in the shop

Surely you guys will think "Sore throat still eat so much!"


PrisCielLa said...

okay.... it did make me hungry ;(
damnit... haha x) i din't eat dinner :(

Shaofie said...

OMG. sedapnya. hehehe. qi wen!!

Albert said...

I AM SO HUNGRY. But the Japs food look shambolic

Hilda Milda™ said...

that's a lot of foooooood! :D

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

Wow..they're really hygienic..

they wrap their plates & cutleries.. :)

alvinontherocks said...

I'm so full I can just go straight to dessert! Tong sui I want! :)

domokun said...

WOW u realii eat a lottt of nice fud TT i m hungry ady TT


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