Saturday, 4 December 2010

ESZ 2010 & ChurpChurp

It was my group's turn to take over the night shift in the labour room again last night from 7pm to 7am
It was a hopeless starts when we were in there at 7.30pm
Don't ask why we were late

Looking through the board, only 2 mother-to-be and there were seniors waiting to conduct
7 of us in a group had nothing better to do, so we joined some husbands at the waiting area chatting with each other trying to annoy those nervous husbands

Left to right: Alison, (Yu Zhen, Juin Yi, Yi Rong), Cimolens, Stephenie, (Christina, Matthew, Prisca)

Talent time for English Speaking Zone was held in Auditorium
I sneaked out from my shift and went all to way there to support my friends
Once I reached there, the event was so GRAND
Dean of Faculty of Medicine, UKM was giving his speech and officiated the event
Then I was told that I got to go up the stage as well later to receive my prize for scrabble competition

I was like "No, somebody must go up the stage for me"
Looking at my casual ALL BLACK attire from my hair to my ballet pump
This was just so random

Speaking about the talent time competition, I saluted all of the finale contestants for their courages and impressed for their talents
Not only they sing, some of them even play music instruments
Medical students are not nerd k?

All right, my blog is public but this is a place to put my view together as well
Once the performance ended, I already had Stephenie and Alison in my Top 2 list
(for those who were there during the competition and those who know them)
I play music instrument as well, I know well how tough it is to actually sing and play at the same time PLUS standing in front of the crowd
Not only both of them got the "sing+play" talent, they have the vocal power

It was a disappointment to me actually when they announced the Top 3 winners
Thank God, Stephenie managed to win the competition
Yes, her singing was so mesmerizing that I feel like crying if she kept on singing
What's disappointing was I don't get it why Alison didn't make it!
I guess I'm not the only one feeling this way
I'm sorry to say, I guess the judges just didn't know how to appreciate vocal power
What they see was all the surface of the performance which doesn't suggest the ART of MUSIC
Anyway, Alison is already a winner in all of us!

P.S - I don't get what's the problem if we sing in American slang when the songs origin from America. Perhaps what they want was to sing in British or Manglish slang.

The finalists listening to comments from judges

Prof Sharir sang "You Raised Me Up" by Josh Groban

Left: English Speaking Zone (ESZ) 2009 during my 1st year
Right: Yesterday ESZ 2010 in my 3rd year
Shalisha (middle) still stay as the Queen of Scrabble!

Left: My prize!
Right: Scrabble in Action!

Ah yes, got an email from ChurpChurp!

Fortune luck this week, I guess!

This is the post : Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!

Continue with what happened in my night shift
A lot of delivery after 1am, which i was grateful that I didn't choose to go back earlier
Until there is only one baby still refusing to come out
So, we slept at on the sofa at the waiting area, the air conditioner was super cold
The midwives and housemen were all asleep in the counter
Some even slept on the bed in the labour room
Finally everyone woke up when the mommy felt the contraction and pain
A baby boy was born and end of our shift!

All mommy had their baby delivered!
Shift ended at 6.30am

Now I'm having sore throat!




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