Sunday, 19 December 2010


"I promise this is seriously the last time"
Yeah, I said that last week
Scroll down and you will know that doesn't happen
I'm saying that again after 2 days feeling that I can produce money

I need to wake up from that dream and face the reality that now I have a lot of stuff in my room but no money in my wallet
Wake up, woman!

Since I'm having the dream of "producing" money for 2 days, I am going to share them before I need to rush back to my reality before it is too late
Newer version of Cinderella, I need to rush back to reality and wake up as a kedekut girl again

Sunway Pyramid
(it has been awhile I'm not there)

Lunch in Fullhouse with Qi Tyng & Daphne

Lunch Set 1
Iced lemon tea  Soup of the day (Creamy chicken soup)  Spaghetti pasta with turkey ham and mushroom cream
The set cost RM16.90

The set comes with one dessert. We had pieces of coffee, green tea and vanilla

Dove Promotions!
Buy a bottle of shampoo with RM16++ and get a free conditioner 
If buy a bottle of a shampoo with treatment cream + FREE conditioner = RM27.88
All apply to the BIG bottle, not those small samples
We had free hair test by their digital device and they recommend us the suitable types of shampoo according to our hair types
We bought everything up to RM60, so one of us are able to have FREE make up and hairdo

 Tyng went for it because she seldom make up among us
So, we made the make up artist to do smoky eyes on her
Then, we can join her in a FREE photo shoot!
I will save the picture for the last one..

 We shared "Waffle Bowl Delight"
The choice they have for this are black sesame, matcha, strawberry, raspberry and chocolate
With a choice of 2 toppings are RM12.80
We tried strawberry with raisins and chocolate spaghetti

 Dinner in Tony Roma's
I forgot the name
It was something like Chicken Alfredo Florentine Pasta 

Outcomes of the day!
I have been pen-less for 2 weeks
Finally I remember to buy pens

Pavilion KL

Brunch in Dome Cafe
First time trying out here
Tyng said we are like eating in a hotel
Nice environment though, except there was a guy complaining loudly somewhere behind us

Fruit Salad, a good start of the mid-day
A mix of banana and fresh seasonal fruits (watermelon, kiwi, honey dew, strawberry) topped with plain yogurt and drizzled with honey
This is really good EXCEPT that it costs RM12 where we can actually make this on our own at home 

Egg on Toast (RM9.50)
Two eggs cooked any way with toast and butter
In this case, my cousin chose scrambled eggs
The taste was good, it will be better if they served the eggs warmer 

This one quite expensive
Cajun Chicken (RM21.50)
Cajun spiced chicken, spinach leaves, tomato, cajun dressing and mango chutney in a toasted wrap (fresh barley bread originated from ancient Egypt) with a side of tomato chutney
Believe me, the salsa sauce was superb!
When everything was dip on the sauce, I can tell that I am definitely coming again for this

I love this earrings and it is RM13.00
I didn't buy it
WTF no longer stands for "What the ****"
For now, it is "Welcome to Facebook" 

We sneaked in Peppermint Mocha Frapuccino Iced Blended from Starbucks in Dorothy Perkins shopping bag into the cinema!
Tyng left the shopping bag inside the cinema, I actually like that bag because it is a paper bag which is still reusable

After watching "Tangled" with my cousin, we had our dinner in Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
But we did not have a single chocolate-themed dishes
(Yeah, I watched it again and still laughing on it)
Chicken and mushroom quiche  Creamy mushroom soup 

Shepherd's pie
This was quite unique for me because they have beef and mushroom cooked with tomato sauce
I still love the one I had in Starbucks, which they have very potatoes and chicken cooked with peppers, I don't remember there is mushroom or not, but was superb having it on a cold rainy day 

Entrance of Pavilion is "snowing" and crowded with people!

This is where the "snow" comes from
The snow is in the form of foam, which they don't create rubbish on the floor

Outcomes of the day for Tyng and I

Our photo shoot
Me  Tyng (after make over)  Daphne



Daphne L said...

eh woman, it´s Chicken Alfredo Florentine Pasta :p

Your Humble Servant said...

Those are really some luxurious stuffs le hehehe

Candy10 said...

aww .. idk there's man-made snow at pavilion ... =) going later

yeeing said...

wow, good food here too ! haha ! :D

Xu Vin said...

i had a terrible shopping expedition yeesterday s well. oh nooooooooooooo.......... girl we must stop shopping!

Kian Fai said...

lol should follow you kai kai, I think I spend more fast than you . . . =P

bendan said...

Wow, wanna shop too!! But already broke before shop! :P

TOLANIC said...

Egg on toast looks so delicious even though it looks simple! Fuahhh, I am hungry now!

sHaH said...

love the food girl!!

SuFang (Careen) said...

Wow a fun outing =)

PrisCielLa said...

I think the food from Dome is overpricey since we can make it on our own :P and it's a girls duty to shop :D don't feel guilty for your wallet, even if it means to starve for weeks XD


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