Sunday, 16 January 2011


Back to KL in 8 hours!
Damn it, I'm so lazy

This 1 week of mid semester break feels so neutral
When it comes to the end, I just realized I haven't feel the break yet

Going to drag myself to hospital again this Monday
Even though I'm looking forward on my new posting, Surgery
Which most people told me I should spend it like I'm in honeymoon 
Define honeymoon, dear...

I will be home again in 2 weeks for Chinese New Year
Wow, another year just pass by
Seriously the tong tong chiang is somehow going to make my mind and soul so jealous and hungry for it

It is only Sunday, but I can smell the blues of Monday already

Life target on Monday : Be positive and get through the post-break syndrome!

P.S - Seriously I still have no idea why my blog post is doubled!

*So excited today supporting other Nuffnangers in The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race*
(Ching Yih *if you read this*, I got support leh! LOL)




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