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Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

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Creativity has never really been my forte all this while. But I did have a lot of training by really trying to build the sand castle in the air a.k.a daydreaming. 

I have always love to look through Apps and somehow even try to criticize them for being not very useful and non applicable. But I have never think of anything to make them better, just love the critics job.

Before proceeding my iPad idea, I have something to confess. I am a photoshop-dumb person. I have no idea how they work and my art creativity is zero. All I can do to present my idea is to sketch an empty iPad screen with a few words in it. 

Here we go!

There was this one time I heard somebody was to invent a chip that was part of our identity card (IC) that can store everything about each person's medical records. I love that idea because it is convenient for the patients as well as the doctors.

Until today, all the records in the hospital is recorded in papers and computers. BUT, the records they have are those who usually visit that hospital only and they have to make another new records file for the new patient such as those referred from the other hospitals or patients that came in for emergency. This will only lead to more workload to the workers.

I suggest to have an Apps called iMedicine to store particulars and medical records of each person in details. No matter which hospital or clinic they go, iMedicine can help the doctor to trace the patient's previous record which was much more easier. This is not to make a doctor lazy, but to save more time with more precise details they can gather.

iMedicine does not only serves everyone with iPad but hospitals can start using iPad with the iMedicine to trace patients that has never get any treatment in that particular hospital before, such as emergency patients.

How iMedicine works?

Emergency number will be placed at the start of the Apps for convenience. How many of us know the number to call when there is an emergency? Take examples such as home accidents, someone has a sudden heart attack or seizure.

Before one can go into the particulars and details, password is needed because this is private and confidential to the person. Doctors that need to view this will have to key in their verified ID numbers.

This is basically how the particulars will look like. Can be better, actually. 

Why is the history of the patient is important?
The history is the most important part of giving a doctor an idea in getting a differential diagnosis for a patient. I have seen a lot of cases where history was taken in a mess because :

- The patient might be unconscious or confuse
- The patient has no family members with him/her
- Elderly patient that can't remember important details
- Language barrier
- Too ill to talk
- And a lot more...

With iMedicine, it can help the doctor to go through the history of the patient as well as the last treatment given. In emergency situation, a patient can be given the most suitable and effective management on the spot and this can reduce the risks of getting into a more complicated conditions. 

Examples, motor vehicle accident victim that need an immediate blood transfusion, particulars that stored in iMedicine can be used to trace the blood type and Rhesus of the patient. Another important aspect is to know the allergy status of a patient. Some may be allergy to certain drugs that all health workers need to be alert of. 

People with Addison's disease will carry with them a card or a tag to help the health care workers to identify them when they collapsed. This is due to the different management that should be given to them compared to other people that collapsed without Addison's disease. This information can be traced in iMedicine as well in case the tags or cards are forgotten.

Not only for Addison's disease, it applies to a lot more such as seizures that happened without a witness or family members.

I hope iMedicine can help reduce the burden of the health care workers that need to take care of a lot of people in the hospitals or clinics with different identities without a mistake. This Apps might help to save more time in working but at the same time the works are productive and effective. This can help everyone to have only one thorough system to store all their details that can be connected to all health centers in Malaysia. If iMedicine has the chance to be invented, I hope this can be spread outside Malaysia when people seek treatment in the other places. This benefits the people as well, as it will help them to understand more about their conditions and what medications they are given. Besides, it can help those that do not remember their history and medications.

Last but not least, this is environment friendly. No papers are needed, no chopping off trees!

iPad is now available through Maxis
You can sign up now online or at Maxis Centre with data plans that you can choose that suits you best.
Check it out here to know more about Maxis iPad :



Hilda Milda™ said...

Wow, it sure will come in handy to us who are gonna work in the medical field but not everyone could afford an Ipad unless the hospital is rich enough to get every patients one :P

Ck said...

Creative post !! :D

Euniceee said...

nothing is impossible... u are indeed a creative person!

TikkoSS said...

wow.. it seem like it is very creative apps.. i think it will help alot of people .. especially in speeding up their service

Kelly said...

Good invention! Get to help a lot a lot of people.... Good Samaritan! LOL :D


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